There are certain places I’ll make the trip to get to.

Downtown and Silverlake/Los Feliz are such places. So much personality! Just enough rough edges. The complete opposite of a suburban strip mall in the Valley. Personally, it’s exciting to know I might be peed on while waiting in line to eat!

I think a new eateries and bars pop up in Silverlake every day. Like a weed. And each one is cuter than the next.

Barbrix is a wine bar next to an auto junkyard. VERY Silverlake. Like a flower in a dung heap.

It’s got the look of a fancy Hollywood restaurant but, like everything on this side of town, it’s super casual. Our bartender was dressed in a t-shirt and was mildly fat! Yes!

The menu at Barbrix is all small plates. We got a few glasses of delicious wine and chose three items, all of which appeared to have shrunken in the wash!

They were literally a few bites each, and shared between two people, this wasn’t much to eat. But it looked and tasted fantastic. The wild boar sausage was incredible!! Don’t be frightened by boar! (especially wild boar) What has it ever done to you??

The roasted veggies (I believe they called it the Farmers Plate – pictured at the top) was tasty. And covered in olive oil. If you look closely, you’ll spot the world’s smallest baby carrot. If vegetables could become anorexic, than I believe this little guy definitely needs some counseling.

We got some miscellaneous crap on toast. We enjoyed it, whatever the hell it was. Enjoy the dark and moody pic!

Sorry, I decided not to post the pic, it’s just really awful. You’re welcome.

I won’t write what happened next. Let’s just say there was a woman singing at a piano (whether she actually was a woman is still under debate) and a random chocolate fountain!

2442 Hyperion Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 662-2442