I’m writing this on a waning two-glasses-of-wine buzz, listening to Top Chef on the television.

Sarah, our waitress tonight, was EXCELLENT! And yes, I’m only writing this cuz I told her about the website. Joking, Sarah. We go WAY back, so she totally gets my humor. And is now a celebrity, thanks to my infamous blog.

I so enjoy my dining experiences with the Hollywood Madam. Listening to her scandalous tales and steamy interludes makes me happy. She also paid for dinner, which makes me love her all the more. Thanks HM!

I’ve been wanting to go to Cecconi’s since I saw it on my weekly email from Zagat. It’s so nice to go out with someone else where money is no object!

Whenever I see wood fired pizzas on a menu, I become a pod person. I’m a zombie who must order them. I love them. And this one was no exception. Perfectly crispy, minimal toppings, foldable crust. Delish. I even loved the burnt edges!

We ordered the Ahi tuna tartare as an appetizer (pictured at the top), which was quite tasty. A nice, light starter. I get a bit squeamish with raw seafood, so I gobbled some of their whisper thin breadsticks with each bite and made sure not to look at what I was eating.

Above all, the service was excellent. We had about 4 waitstaff coming to our table to refill water, remove plates, provide sexual services, you name it!

I had read online about the horrific service and am quite happy to have avoided experiencing that. Of course, they probably just realized my intense fame and knew better than to cross me and my restaurant destroying reviews.

8764 Melrose Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 432-2000