As I work in the music business (adjacent) I’ve been to a few CD Listening parties. You go to the record label, watch the latest music videos from all of their artists, have a beer, become bored out of your mind, then leave with a goodie bag filled with free CD’s, most of which, you’ll never listen to.

This was actually thrown by my client, who’s CD drops soon. Yes, drops. I’m so industry.

The soiree was thrown at a petite $85 million dollar, 48,000 square foot estate in Bel Air. I know this, because I googled the address on the invite. I believe my boss was embarrased that I kept cracking jokes about the price and enormity of the bachelor pad. Yes, ONE person lives here!!

Food was being passed around and for some reason, I had no appetite. Finally, I grabbed a mini chimichanga and I was like, Damn! I should have been eating the whole time! I made my boss get a mini lamp chop on a stick.

My client thought the food was dreadful, but I doubt she tried the chimichanga otherwise, she’d be “singing” a different tune. Get it?

I didn’t want to be a loser and take too many pictures, but on my way to getting lost to the bathroom, I snapped a picture of a turkish bath. A common room in most people’s homes.

FYI, I would say a lot more about this evening, the guests and the owner, but as my work is involved, I must pass. Damn!

I did read online that Michael Jackson had some interest in purchasing the home but passed as it was too large!

Oh! The owner’s ex-wife had some money and makeup bag stolen out of her purse at the end of th night! Crazy! The owner commented, “People take things from here all the time. They’ll just put a picture frame in their purse.”

I would be so afraid to do that! Not just because of bad karma, but of the security guards executing you shortly after!

Eventually, we headed to the private viewing theater to listen to the new album. I overheard a “What is this place, the Bellagio?” And they were exactly right. This place was like an Italian Rennaissance museum. Every aspect. It did not appear anyone lived here. Perhaps the owner was really just the curator?

The album was actually really good. I really wasn’t sure it was going to be. Thank god! I hate lying to people!

After the CD was over, I befriended the client’s hairdresser gal and she seemed desperate to bum a smoke from someone. A bunch of us left to hang out by the pool and chat. The pool area was so enormous, we didn’t actually sit anywhere by the pool, but in an outdoor living room near the pool.

At the end of the night, we toasted the new album with cake and champagne! I had one bit of cake and put the plate down. Be proud of me.

I took my obligatory self cam with the client and headed home. Making sure to ask someone if the mammoth gates that greet you at the entrance of Bel Air Road actually close at a certain hour, keeping the common poor folk and Hollywood tour buses out!

FYI, they do not close, they are just for show. Foh sho!