Welcome to the LA Food Show!

No, it’s not a food festival, it’s just the catchy name of the new restaurant venture by the guys who brought you California Pizza Kitchen.

Don’t let that fool you. This is completely different. I believe their food schtick is cross culture contanimation or something. In other words, it’s multi-genre, a little Asian, a little Mexican, but mostly California cuisine.

Wow, I’m this deep into a review and still have yet to say anything funny. This is truly unnacceptable!

I met Grace Slick for lunch, it’s a loud place and she’s a loud gal. Perfect. Embarrasment avoided.

My friend who works across the street says he orders from here at least once a week and I choose the Morrocan Chicken Salad, at his suggestion.

This is a typical CPK salad. Enormous. Colorful. Thousands of ingredients. Delicious. I could have eaten that shit all day. Yum. Just shovel it in. Chicken, dates, avocados, squash, almonds, beets, cranberries, peppers, carrots, egg….So just a couple things.

The place itself is a shock. It’s just so fancy! The dump that was here before, RJ’s, was like a Hamburger Hamlet, all dark and wooden. The new decor is a complete 180. I can’t really think of any adjectives to describe it….let’s just call it LA Bland Modern Upscale.

Our server was friendly and non-existent. Grace doesn’t like to wait for things, so she had the hostess bring her some water. Our waiter had some bad acne, so perhaps he was running to the restroom to apply some Oxy! Hmm, acne and a food review. Not a great combo.

There is a convenient, free parking garage right next door. And take a look at this fantastic little garden area I came upon when I exited the parking structure. Just in case I forgot that, yes, I’m in Beverly Hills.

And again, I apologize for the least funny review since I started this website. Boo!!

252 N Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90209
(310) 550-9758