In order to escape the recent wildfires, Siegfried and Roy and I drove down to Laguna Beach. Where they simply don’t allow wildfires. The heat would just wreak havoc on the plethora of plastic surgery ridden faces, and all the women would look like melted candles!

Before our day at the beach, we grab a vegetarian breakfast at Café Zinc. It’s a cute, mostly outdoor spot where you order at the cashier and pick up your food.

I had the scrambled eggs with leeks, cantaloupe and some amazing raisin toast. Wow, that toast was like desert.

Siegfried enjoyed her Muesli (I HATE that word) and Roy’s potato pancakes were tasty as well. I still would have kept with my original order. Yeah, I love ordering well. Knowing I’m a better person than the rest.

We strolled around the idyllic town square and along the main beach area, which I believe is actually called Main Beach. It all seemed like a beach movie set. The actual sandy area seemed like only 15 feet until you hit water. Everything seemed smaller in proportion.

Except for the breast implants.

We picked the beach by the Montage Hotel to spend the first portion of the afternoon, the waves nearly knocking us unconscious they were so large and powerful. I did my best to avoid thinking about sharks….


350 Ocean Ave
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 494-6302