Well, it appears we have a montage weekend with Sid and Nancy. Here I am again, eating breakfast with them at Magnolia Grill.

We started out the day near Malibu, doing the Sycamore Canyon hike to a lovely waterfall. The only problem was, we didn’t know how to find the waterfall and we finally discovered it had dried up.

Duh, it’s dry as a bone out and wildfires are ravaging our countryside! None of us thought of this, however, as we took wrong turn after wrong turn trying to find the appropriate path to the mysterious missing waterfall. Sense of direction, I have not. Nancy should know this by now!

There are so many restaurants in the Valley like Magnolia Grill. Diner-style food, nice waitresses, non-descript setting. They don’t stand out, but they have solid food.

My breakfast quesadilla was awesome, I was only able to finish half, being the petite eater I am. 😉 The tortilla was crispy, not greasy, and it contained avocados which I have recently grown to love.

As it was 1000 degrees out, I spent the majority of the day hanging out in and around the pool, then decided to go see A Werewolf in London playing at the cemetery with my friend Juliette Lewis.

Juliette knew the man who puts on this incredibly fun weekly summer event and we were able to walk right past the line of hundreds and through the gates for free with out newly purchased champagne!

10530 Magnolia Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601
(818) 766-8698