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  • September 30, 2009 1:04 am

Welcome to Hollywood, folks. Nothing says Hollywood like Cahuenga BLVD.

Or wearing sunglasses inside dark restaurants.

Both apply to Kitchen 24.

Kitchen 24 (I’m already sick of typing it) who’s hours of operation might surprise you (open 24 hours) is a good attempt. Decent food, good service. Nothing amazing.

This place is embracing the inevitable. Wherever pretentious Hollywood assholes choose to dine, that establishment will naturally become very…Hollywood.

Clyde and I decided to dine here (both being confirmed assholes) because it’s where I wanted to go. Like an obedient puppy, he does what I tell him to.

I just didn’t think he would completely plagiarize my food order. Like losers, we both decided on the Big Baller!

Not so big…but contained balls.

The Big Baller is their version of a meatball sandwich, however, missing its top. Very Hollywood to keep it low carb. The meatballs were so excellent, I did not mind one bit.

Now, let’s get to the French fries.


They were both dry and greasy. A feat unto itself. They were also hard and nearly hollow. They were truly awful, I only had a few. A few hundred.

The list of negative aspects did not deter Clyde from finishing almost every last one of them, complaining he was quite full afterwards. That also did not stop him and our big boobed waitress from relentlessly flirting with each other. It was quite nauseating.

I spent the entire meal trying to determine if two girls in the joint were, in fact, reality show stars. Neither of them was.

One wore her ugly 80’s sunglasses under her mop of straw-like blond hair. I was intimidated at how important she probably was.

And the other woman, who kept staring at me every time I shoved a bite of meatball in my mouth, looked like that wig wearing white chick from the Real Housewives of Atlanta show.

Kitchen 24. Would I go back? Definitely.

But I would make sure I purchased some designer jeans first. Oh, and there had BETTER be at least one reality star there. Not just a lookalike.

1608 N Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 465-2424


  • September 29, 2009 4:15 am

It all started out as a harmless wine tasting at Thelma and Louises house. Fine cheeses, good chocolates, fresh strawberries…

…until we finished the six bottles of tasting wine.

Then we moved onto the bottles that guests brought for afterwards.

Then we moved onto bottles locked in the liquor cabinet!

Pretty soon we were guzzling vinegar and mouth wash and Nyquil!!

My good friend Captain, is a part of Wine Shop at Home, where she hosts wine tasting parties and sells the wine much like tupperwear or sex toys.

If you’d like her to come to your home and host a tasting with your friends, please visit her website:


After consuming enough wine to throw us all into an acid reflux overload, the group desperately needed something to soak up all the booze.


And not just any pizza….the infamous, Village Pizzeria! It was really worth all the hype. Thin, slightly crispy crust, ample toppings, great sauce. A top 5 LA pizza, for sure. For shiz.

Just in the nick of time, the delivery man arrived, bringing forth multitudes of hot boxes. Pizza boxes, that is.

Aww..nothing like a night of good pizza and antioxidant filled beverages.

131 N Larchmont Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90004
(323) 465-5566


  • September 28, 2009 1:54 pm

Aw…like walking straight into Japan….

Sorry, I mean, like walking straight into Epcot Center’s version of Japan.

This is as far from authentic sushi as you can get. But who cares? It’s a fun place, and their “sushi” creations are quite tasty.

Here’s a little Sushi FAQ for ya:

1. Sushi literally means: “it’s sour”

2. Sushi has been around for a couple hundred years (sushi as we know it, was created in the Edo period 1799 – 1858) but began as fermented fish and rice preserved in salt! If that doesn’t sound delicious….

3. There are many types of sushi but the three most common are:
Sashimi – Cut pieces of raw fish
Nigirizushi – Cut pieces of raw fish over clumps of rice
Makizushi – Raw fish and rice rolled in seaweed paper

4. Improperly prepared sushi can cause health risks! See below:

Sushi twice in one week! Who am I??

Went to din din with Chesty Morgan. We were unable to attend another sushi group dinner as, we feared it was going to be too expensive and this place was in walking distance of our prospective apartments. (Well, anything more than a block is driving distance for lazy, lazy Chesty)

Incidentally, we probably spent as much if not more than if we would have joined the group dinner. Tenille, I’m so sorry!

I ordered a few non-sushi lover rolls. The Salmon Killer, chopped raw salmon, bits of jalapeno and cream cheese, then baked in a tempura batter. It was delicious. In case you didn’t already know, cream cheese and avocado are western additions to sushi, not found in Japan.

Which is why I wholeheartedly dug it!

Then I ordered the Yummy Crunchy roll. Albacore tuna, avocado and yes, more jalapeno’s rolled in bits of tempura…crunchies. Also very good. The waiter said these were two of his favorites. As I believe he was Japanese himself, he’s a lying bastard!

The picture at the top is something Chesty ordered. Those little balls are LOBSTER. I only include this in my blog because I bravely popped one in my mouth. As soon as I began chewing, Chesty looked into my eyes with slight panic “You’re not gonna like it”.

She was right. I immedately shoved another piece of my own safe sushi in my mouth and half the available wasabi chunk, my actions dislodging the entire seat bench from it’s base and causing quite the commotion in the restaurant.

Unless I’m partaking in Sake, I will never die of delight when I eat a piece of Sushi. That raw fish factor will always make itself known to me, and I will always need to drown my meal in soy sauce, bathe it in wasabi and completely blanket it in ginger.

8000 W Sunset Blvd
Ste A2020
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 848-8583


  • September 25, 2009 4:53 am

I had this really good intro written….and then found out it was a blatant lie and had to delete it. Consider yourselves, missing out!

Have I blogged about an Indian restaurant yet??

I can’t believe I haven’t. I LOVE Indian Food. I’m an idiot with zero memory.

Indian is my comfort food. I usually order it on a Sunday afternoon when I’ve forced myself to wake up, covered in my own sick from the night before. (kidding, mom and grandma)

With the exception of a few upscale, expensive Indian restaurants, LA is filled with basically the same joint over and over.

You have your pastel 80’s cheap decor, your faded photos of the Taj Mahal, you’re overly polite waiters and your obligatory tin coffins filled with dried out Tandoori chicken carcasses and pools of blood-colored, swampy stew filled with miscellaneous meat chunks.

The problem is, I love this swampy stew.

However, I’ve never tasted tandoori chicken. I have no interest in dry as a bone Indian jerkey.

I’ll admit it. Indian food, close up, looks like the aftermath of an autopsy.

Let’s cut to the chase:

1. I LOVE Jaipur. The restaurant, not the city. Jaipur (known as the Pink City in India), I’m sure is quite nice.

2. Fantastic, frequent service.

3. High quality, extremely tender meats. I actually KNEW what dead animal I was munching on.

4. The perfect Naan bread. It was very thin and crispy. Usually, it’s too thick and you get filled up on that instead of your meal.

5. Good price, like most Indian restaurants.

6. The lunch buffet’s selection is enormous, filled with the usuals and, shockingly, fresh salads, fruit and even pakoras (veggie fritters) and chutneys!

7. I think I’m addicted to Law and Order. It’s on every freaking day on some channel or another. There are 41 different incarnations of Law and Order currently on television and I do not discriminate. I’ll watch ’em all! I’ve been neglecting my friends, my blog and even my hygiene to make sure I don’t miss a single second and even that terrible theme music.

10916 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 470-4994


  • September 24, 2009 1:42 am

Considering I eat hot sauce with every meal, a place called Cayenne sounds like it would be right up my alley.

During Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, (incidentally, it’s now the year 5770) my writing partner and I headed to a Mediterranean place for lunch in a popular Jewish neighborhood.

Cayenne is a casual yet nicely appointed restaurant serving upscale, miscellaneous “Mediterranean” food. I just Googled the place to find out exactly what Mediterranean countries influence the cuisine. Apparantely, Lebanon and Morroco.

I ordered the Byblos Salad. Yum Central.

Chicken, pesto, walnuts, feta, sundried tomatoes tossed in a basil dressing. Yum Boulevard.

Days later, I want this salad again. I want to be this salad.

Now, here’s where our casual lunch became a horror movie.

On our way walking to the restaurant, we passed by a large Jewish woman in traditional black garb. Her face was deathly pale and her hair was finger-in-a-light-socket frizzy.

She was dragging her feet and she looked completely dead. It was disturbingly amusing.

Until the next corpse, this time an elderly woman, also dressed in black, scraped by us, her body contorted to the side, unnaturally. Her eyes were as black as the circles underneath them.

Ok, this is getting eerie.

We then went to get Clyde some fro-yo across the street. A teenage boy in orthodox clothing donning a yamaka began sliding along the wall towards us, like a zombie. His lips were filled with red sores, his eyes were as dead as the other two living dead we encountered before.

Get me outta here!! I was a little freaked out.

Of course, there could be some kind of rehabilitation home nearby that let out it’s “tenants” for lunch.

Too bad no one informed the poor cadavers that they were, in fact, deceased and no longer require sustenance (except human flesh).

7169 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036-2548
(323) 857-1252


  • September 23, 2009 2:32 am

OK, I had sushi in Little Tokyo on Saturday night. Trouble is, I can’t remember the name of the restaurant!

I’ve been all over the internet. Can’t find the damn place. I’m done looking. Law and Order is on.

It was a fun night with our friend Dijon in town from the Big Apple.

We met at the Kyoto Grand Hotel, at the rooftop Pangea Garden for drinks. Terrific atmosphere, tables and chairs scattered throughout the Japanese greenery and ponds.

Dijon and Tenille ordered champagne which came the following way: 2 plastic flutes and 2 bottles of Korbel. Welcome to Fancy Town. Especially when the base of each flute popped off.

After drinks, we walked to Little Tokyo, where we noticed the restaurant we wanted to go to was closed.

Then we went to _______ Restaurant in the Japanese Village Marketplace. We sat outside and ordered a bunch of rolls.

Siegfried always makes fun of me with regards to sushi. She will go off on how delicious some disgusting sounding shellfish-ridden creation is and then stops and says “Wait. Why am I telling you? You don’t even like sushi!”

I had the seared tuna salad and a couple other rolls containing tuna. But then I did the unexpected and ate a piece of sushi containing scallops. It wasn’t too bad.

I even ate a piece of what is pictured at top. What was it called? Rainbow roll, Caterpillar roll, sausage roll? Who knows. I did, however, scrape the slimy salmon eggs off first.

After our dinner (everyone there who knows sushi, says it was just all right) we headed to one of our favorite downtown bars, Seven Grand.

As it was a whiskey bar, Tenille and I shared a Mint Julep. Gross at first, but it looks nice and finally begins to taste good once you get to the very end.

So, if anyone knows the name of the place I ate at, please contact the LAPD or myself, as this is very urgent.


The restaurant was called Joy Mart.

137 Japanese Village Plaza Mall
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 680-9868


  • September 22, 2009 2:03 am

It’s official.

You must be collecting social security in order to drive a Lexus sedan in Los Angeles.

Without fail, the driver of a Lexus will have fuzzy hair, be of steering wheel height, donning extreme sunglasses and possessing the inability to make a vehicular decision in less than 4 minutes.

I know I will hate any driver of a Lexus. It’s a sure thing, like hot dogs giving me diarrhea.

I met one my best friends (Clyde) at the Boring Patch. I mean, the Cabbage Patch.

The menu is kind of random. What I ordered sounded great on paper. It looks great in the picture.

How it tasted?….um…it was all right.

It’s called the Jidori Chicken Bowl.

What the hell Jidori is, I don’t know.

I’m seeing it more and more on menus. In fact, let me look this bad boy up and see what it is.

Crap. Jidori Chicken even has a website.

Apparently it’s a Japanese term meaning “Chicken of the Earth”.

From what I can gather, Jidori is to chicken like Kobe is to beef. It’s the freshest, most spoiled rotten while alive chicken there is.

Some sushi restaurants even serve Jidori chicken raw!

Speaking of diarrhea.

I put a crapload of hot sauce on my dish. There was no sauce to speak of. It was a fine, healthy lunch. I’ve had a lot of those lately.

They’re both boring to write about and my stomach literally yawns as the food plummets into it’s midst.

I needed some excitement after that.

So, we headed to Mrs. Beasley’s for something sweet.

Mrs. Beasley’s is a famous company that makes delicious sweets. I see them in my office during the holidays as many of the companies we work with like to kiss our ass with a baskets of diabetes. The cookies taste like the cupcakes taste like the brownies.

I ordered the Cookie Cup. I’m still eating it, hours later.

214 S Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 550-8655


  • September 21, 2009 4:09 pm

Those of you who know me, might be shocked to know I’m now into Football. I’ve been looking forward to Football season for months. I, myself, am shocked.

I’m even in a fantasy football league! Who knew??

Last year, I went to Hollywood Billiards almost every Sunday (any given sunday) sitting with my friends in the room that broadcasted every single game. The perfect viewing technique for the ADD challenged.

Unfortunately, I’m usually the only one watching the Seahawks game, which usually plays on the smallest tv in the most obscure corner.

Now, onto the food.

At this point, I’ve eaten everything on the menu. All of us have. We’re sick of it!

And how have we been repaid?

The size of the food menu has been sliced in half! They have, like, four things now. Boo!

They do have, however, a fancy new pointless drink menu, consisting of $50 multi-person margaritas and foofy drinks called things like Raspberry Fizz. We’re in a freaking sports bar, people! We want drinks called Jigglin’ Boobs or Kickem’ in da Nuts!

Their nachos have always been top notch. I get them several times through the season.

Captain also swears the chicken wings are the best in town (at the top). I did notice a plethora of actual meat on them as apposed to gristly tendons and chunks of fat. I usually avoid wings for these very reasons.

My stomach did turn a bit, as she stripped each bone clean and then flung each carrion on the plate in front of me.

Incidentally, the Seahawks shut out the Rams 28-0. Yes, I said shut out. And I do know what that means. Sort of.

5750 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 465-0115


  • September 19, 2009 3:58 pm


I’ve eaten out 110 times since I started this in May. That’s over 25 times a month. I suddenly feel very full.

Shockingly, I haven’t gotten fat! (yet)

I began writing this bloggity blog for fun. To lubricate my writing skills, to proclaim my love for food and restaurants, and to give me something to do.

Now, I feel guilty if I don’t post every single day.

My fingers and my esophageal tube are exhausted.

At least if I ever get food poisoning, I can easily trace my steps and see what hath offended thee. I mean, me.

On a different note:

The Waffle.

Great name. It says Breakfast. It says Bad For You. It says Hangover Cure.

We took our friend C.K. here for his birthday, who was still quite drunk from the night before. As he stumbled through the entrance, we immediately noticed the forced 70’s Brady Bunch decor.

I dug it, lots of browns and oranges and tables sticky with syrup. Waffles and the 70’s make great bossom buddies.

This place has every type of waffle. Every waffle your heart could and should desire.

Here’s what I ate. Pictured at the top, the Sticky Bun Waffle.

The best g-d thing on the menu.

Directly from the website:

Brown sugar waffle, cinnamon, raisins, walnuts, served with a Maple brown sugar cinnamon glaze

Even after I finished the concoction pictured below, which was still quite good and should have amply filled my stomach, I kept picking at the SB Waffle.

I would not rest until it was completely, utterly gone.

(This jalapeno cornbread waffle with fried chicken and greens and just a hint of gravy was also very nice.)

Thanks L.K. for breakfast. She paid for Mr. Perpetual Birthday and myself. I dogsit for her. It’s the least she can do.

Wait a second..I dogsit for everyone. Why am I so damn reliable?

6255 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 465-6901


  • September 18, 2009 1:11 am

After taking an hour nap from a day of extreme gardening, I.H. and I headed out to the annual Greek Fest.

I went to this last year with some friends and had the best time! Ate fantastic food, drank cheap Greek wine and entered a Greek dancing contest and almost won (or at least, people came up to us thinking it was a shock we did not win. Even though our dancing was not remotely Greek in nature.)

This year, we arrived to a complete zoo. Tom Hanks and his wife host this event and perhaps word had gotten out that this was THE place to be. We totally lucked out and found a parking spot behind the Saint Sofia Church that this entire event was taking place around.

As I am on antibiotics, I did not drink, but watched my friend order a Greek 7 and 7 with some random Greek brandy and we wandered over to get a look inside the ornate Saint Sofia compound.

After she finished her quite strong drink, we headed to the dance floor, where it appeared they were playing Salsa music. We danced awkwardly a bit, not knowing if we should put a Greek or a Latin spin on our techniques, being watched by the somewhat creepy living Greek statues!

When I looked up, I noticed an enormous neon sign on the top of an apartment building stating we were in the Byzantine Latino Quarter. What a random combo. But as the Hispanic population of LA is 46.5%, this is actually not a surprise.

I think I’ve had 3 Gyro’s in my life. Not because I don’t like them. I just never think to eat them.

It was high time, I renewed my interest in the miscellaneous meat delicacy!

We took our places in the Gyro line, watching the women prepare the pita bread at the speed of light and mesmerized by the logs of compressed Gyro meat, trapped in their claustrophic crematoriums!

Wow, the best Gyro ever! The meat was perfectly seasoned, it’s flavor did not get lost in the pita and all that sauce. They done good!

The vibe at the Greek fest is awesome, everyone’s drinking and having a good time, everyone’s dancing, everyone’s friendly, everyone’s saying Opa!! Or Oprah! Or something like that.

If you get a chance next year, check this festival out. Just don’t get there too late, as parking will be impossible, as it was for our friends who were searching for a spot for over 30 minutes and ended up just driving back home!