I don’t know who Jan is. “But she old”

And so is the clientele of Jan’s Restaurant, located near the Beverly Center. I saw many a Blublocker sunglass-wearing patron looking ready to weld their patrami sandwich. Trying their darndest to digest it and wishing they had ordered the soup.

Jan’s is a diner with a hint, a twinge of Jewish Deli to it. Except the waitresses are nice. I was expecting to be scolded when I wasn’t ready to order like I always am at Factor’s Deli. The woman actually smiled, saying “No probrem”. Yes, “no probrem.”

I ordered the hot meatloaf sandwich and ghostly white mashed potatoes.

Don’t fear. I know it looks like a typical old folk’s home meal. Pureed, containing no offending primary colors.

And it was. But it was a meal any 92 year old would be proud to gum. I’m assuming the loaf came from the exotic region of Salisbury.

I don’t normally eat white bread. But only a fool would think that choosing wheat bread would have suddenly made this a nutritious meal. Like, poof! It’s as healthy as a salad now! Maybe a cheese, bacon and ranch salad. One of those infamous 1000 calorie salad’s from TGI Friday’s.

8424 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048-3402
(323) 651-2866