On our final afternoon in Kauai, after successfully eating everything in the fridge before leaving our condo for good, we decided we should go out for at least one Hawaiian breakfast.

We drove to the Sheraton, but they were closed. Bastards!

So, we drove to Joe’s at the golf course. On the Green, if you wanna get fancy.

I’ve been to a few cafe’s at golf courses and they are basically a bowling alley dive, just relocated. Same trashy, hoarse-voiced, 80’s throwback waitress, same menu, lotsa old people. However, in a beautiful setting.

I really wanted to get something healthy. I had good intentions. But the ole “I’m on vacation!” crept in, so I ditched the egg whites and cottage cheese, and ordered the Kalua Pork and Eggs!

The pork was dry and fatty. But with a whole lotta flavor. I would probably never order this again, regardless. I felt a bit off, afterwards.

Our waitress was talking about how she had moved to Kauai many eons ago (she ended up being the owner, I think) She had just decided she wanted to go, having never been here and moved! How gutsy! Or ballsy, in her case. Her voice was pretty deep.

For an early dinner, before dropping off our banged up car to the rental place and facing their wrath, we headed to Lihue to JJ’s Broiler, a sports bar. It was right next to Duke’s. Maybe we should have gone to Duke’s.

I was told I had to get the fish tacos there. So I got the fish tacos there.

They were actually fish burritos. Fried to death, in flour tortillas, a lot of thousand island like sauce. Delicious.

It was grey, rainy and windy at that point. The roosters that own the island began to infest the restaurant. Our time in Kauai was over. No more reggae radio stations, no more Hawaiian ice, no more Kalua pork, no more being chauffeured past where they filmed Jurrasic Park on a daily basis with my foot out the window and the wind blowing on my new shaven head to get to a new beach.

We really had the best time. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect, relaxing vacation with better folks!