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After a shower and rest from our day long hike, we decided to grab a drink at Plantation Gardens. Which I find out later, you’re supposed to visit in the daytime to actually get a glimpse of the gardens. Oh well.

Instead we sat inside the semi cute, stifling hot bar and sucked back our drinks so we can get some air and some food!

I ordered some green tea infused vodka, agave, mint concoction. It was good.

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We walked to Keoki’s, which was directly across the street. This place is your stereotypical Hawaiian restaurant. Tiki torches, bamboo covering every square inch, floral shirts on the waitresses, drinks with flowers and umbrellas.

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3 of us order a fish called a Monchong. Very tasty, light whitefish.

We also order these Kalua Pork Spring Rolls, whose dipping sauce proved to be the best thing of the entire meal.

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