On our second day in Kauai, we decided to hike the Na Pali coast while we were still acclimated to our LA timezone and still getting up early. It was supposed to be a long, hot hike and we wanted to get it over with, essentially.

Our hike was to take us from the trailhead at Ke’e Beach to Hanakapiai Beach (2 miles) and then another 2 miles inland to Hanakpiai Falls, and return.

I had to copy and paste all that. The Hawaiian language contains only 5 letters it seems and they all contain H’s, K’s, M’s or L’s. After a while they all sound the same! I hope that’s not racist!

This SEVEN HOUR hike ended up being the most challenging and rewarding hike I’ve ever done. I go hiking a lot, but I’m not some multi-day hiking freak, so this was new to me. As it had just rained, there was mud on 75% of the trail and it felt like it was also 75% uphill. It definitely felt like Survivor at some points, especially when we got lost!

The hike took us along the beautiful Northern (or Eastern? I have no clue) coastline:

Along the way, we ate from the thousands of Guava’s that hung out on the ground.

Um…ok, that looks a little nasty maybe. Sorry.

Eventually, we got a hidden beach where we relaxed for a bit and ate some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches we had made for the trip. Did not take a pic of that as it was completely smashed. But it was tasty, nonetheless!

We eventually got to the Mecca of the hike, the Hanakakakuipuipopokakakalskjflsdjk Waterfall. I’ve never seen such a sight, wow. Won’t even describe it. Here’s a video to help:


Here’s just a regular picture instead:

This pic does not capture how enormous or overwhelming this was, as they rarely do with a cheap digital camera!

The way back was arduous, to say the least. We had zero energy left and it was very rocky and muddy the entire way. Wow, I’m still sore the next day.

This Teriyaki burger at the top was well earned. It was not large, I admit. But as we were to eat dinner in a few hours, it was just some necessary sustinance.

Bubba’s is a 70 year old Kauai burger chain, it’s basically a relaxed shack where you order and find a seat where you can. We did, but as we were sore as hell, it hurt to get back up.