On our first day in Kauai, we did a LOT of stuff.

I woke up at 6:30 a.m. for a run along the ocean, watching the surf crash on the black lava rocks. I literally saw a chicken crossing the road…on the crosswalk!! Cute! I also ran by a lot of flattened black gloves. Which I later found out were massacred frogs!

When the rest of my party rose, we drove to the Sheraton’s section of the beach to do some swimming. At noon, we ate lunch at Brennecke’s. I had the Kahlua Pork Sandwich. YUM. This meat was 95% fat, it was almost transparent. But delicious.

We also had our first Mai Tai for the trip. As I am currently drinking a homemade one at our condo in Poipu, it was not to be our last.

After lunch, we walked along the beach a bit more. Then we headed to a surf shop and rented snorkle gear for the week. Wanting to get the most out of our money, we decided to go snorkling immediately.

We saw a beached Monk Seal sleeping on the sand, sectioned off by a caution tape.

I freaked out a bit snorkling, as water kept coming in my mask and I couldn’t figure out how to breathe properly. Annoying. I’m annoying.

Then we went to get some Hawaiian shaved ice. The line was ridiculous, but so worth it. What a treat!

Then we went to the grocery store to get provisions for the condo. The checkout lady did NOT seem amused by us.

When we arrived back at the condo, we swam a bit in the pool, whilst listening to 5 middle aged men discuss Golf at legnth. Or ad nauseum.

We’re currently back at the condo making Ahi fish tacos. I’ll blog about that tomorrow. Until then, here’s our view from the balcony. I mean, lanai!