I had to write about a few quick things. Too weird!

First of all, I was hiking at Runyon Canyon when I noticed something huge crawling up the hill towards me. What the hell? It was a large brown insect carrying a BIG BLACK TARANTULA!! What? I could barely lift that burly spider, let alone some freakish winged creature from the Moon! Everyone around us was freaking out, as it looked like both creatures formed one new horrific species!! IT’S ALIVE!!

THEN, after we were getting over our fright, we were walking when some older Russian lady stopped us and said “Wait. Look.”

Expecting to see a baby bird that had fallen out of it’s nest, I look over to see an entire fir tree start to move. I still had no clue what I was looking at.

There was a guy with a tree costume on, hiding behind the fir tree!! What the hell??!!

The woman began going nuts, swatting at him like he were a fly or a stray dog. “Go! Go! I call the police!”

As we continued, assuming it was some reality show being filmed, we saw another guy dressed in the same, very professional tree costume hiding around the corner, his giggling face exposed. His friend later ran around to join him.

We did not see any camera’s, so I still have no clue what that was all about.

But that woman probably had a real doozy of a nightmare that night!


I found the bug online! It’s called a Tarantula Hawk!! I guess it’s known for hunting Tarantulas!! The wonders of Google.