Since our class was so enormous, we decided to make our reunion a two day event. The second installment would be a chance for everyone to bring their rug rats. “This one’s for the children…”

Wow, what a turnout. 5 alumni showed up. And only 2 with children in tow. So glad we paid almost a hundred bucks to rent a park BBQ shelter for all of us. It was a pretty spot on a cliff overlooking the bay, in the heavily wooded (and sometimes filled with homeless people) Ilahee State Park.

A big shout out to those that said they would show and failed to do so. Thanks. 🙂

One of the students’ husbands made the best pulled pork, he said he it had taken about 20 hours to prepare. However, I forgot to snap a picture of it. I think, even days later, I still have some in my teeth.

So, when I was at the airport about to come back to LA, it was then that I had THE BEST FISH TACO IN THE WORLD! This fish was so damn flavorful. Screw the thing I ate yesterday!

Anthony’s is a famous seafood restaurant on the downtown Seattle waterfront. I went there as a teenager. I think.

This is the Seattle Airport version of that restaurant.

I ordered the Alaskan Rockfish taco. If you’re ever at the Seatac Airport, GET THIS. Get this, or else you’re gonna hate yourself. And I’m certainly gonna hate you.