Pictures courtesy of Nancy’s camera phone!

FYI, I think this is a friggin great name for a Vietnamese restaurant.

Phoreign is a tiny, casual spot located in a Japanese strip mall on Sawtelle next to about a dozen Japanese restaurants. I believe the Pho soup here is influenced because of that. The broth seemed fattier, more like a Japanese ramen soup.

I found mine excellent, still not topping Le Saigon’s but a close second. I love that they give you jalapenos! I can just pop those in my mouth like candy! (with my stomach thanking me later)

Nancy found her soup too rich and therefore did not like it. The bitch.

I think Grace Slick liked hers, although she eats so slowly, you wouldn’t tell. I think she was too busy showing off her assets for the camera. Grace, I’m not positive this website will get you famous. But feel free to add it to your resume.