Another Dodger Night!

Which means another new Silverlake taco stand with Tenille!

The Silverlake and Echo Park area have about 1.7 million restaurants per square inch. It’s ridiculous. And I feel the need to visit each and every one of them. Before the end of the month, that is.

So, an hour late to the game, as usual, we pull into the parking lot and are a bit baffled by the signage. Well, it certainly isn’t Fryday (nor will it ever be) so I’m assuming it’s safe to park here.

They have a pretty fancy printed menu for as simple as the place is, and the items offered are extensive and seem tasty. It’s basically a walk-up window with a portion of the parking lot section off as an eating area next to a church.

I ordered two tacos, since I’m trying to be more sensible. I’m doing this for you people. Trust me, you don’t want me imploring you to help me convince Richard Simmons to pay my bedridden ass a visit.

The tacos were great! The meat was a bit fatty and unseasoned. But the fat added flavor which substituted for the lack of seasoning. Sorry if you thought I was gonna trash the tacos. No, I like to find silver linings. Silver linings in Silverlake.

However, Tenille’s burrito was fantastic! (I had a bite)

On a side note, the Dodgers game was very exciting! They scored 17 runs! We were standing and cheering more than we were sitting.

And Nancy Bea, the super-famous Dodgers organist was in high spirits as her lovely man hands pounded on those keys. Tenille and I firmly believe she is actually deceased and now being controlled electronically, marionette-style.

3319 W Sunset Blvd
Silver Lake, CA 90026
(323) 669-3300