Hugo’s was the starting point to an epic day of birthday celebrations. 3 birthdays, to be exact.

Most of the favorites were there, including Captain, one of the birthday gals. She LOVES Hugo’s. She loves it cuz it’s healthy. Salad’s make her hot and bothered. She salivates over vegetable soup like one would a juicy cheeseburger.

I did NOT order a healthy item. Although, it wasn’t terribly fatty, and I omitted the cheese. Pat on back, please.

It was chicken hash over corn cakes topped with a fried egg. It was good, except the chicken hash could have been hotter. In fact, I think it may have arrived mostly cold.

Hmm…maybe I hated it?…I ate the whole thing in microseconds. Is that a word?

Hugo’s is a very popular, friendly West Hollywood restaurant, offering mostly uber-healthy choices. In fact, Captain ordered granola pancakes with cottage cheese for the table!

As it was a cause for celebration, champagne and orange juice (and apparently a middle finger) were ordered. I consumed only a polite amount as I knew a big party was to commence that evening at the Bonaventure Hotel in downtown.

The Bonaventure Hotel is surreal. It’s like some odd futuristic Japanese shopping mall. Inside, it’s a complete maze, with cold cement encompassing you and random, somewhat ghetto eateries along the circular enclosure.

You walk around and see weird colorful window displays, showing plates of dusty plastic food, showing off what delightful items you could order. They all look revolting.

The birthday folks rented a two bedroom suite on the 30th floor. A suite they would all later get evicted from at 3:30 that very night for multiple noise complaints.

In fact, one of our party was taken out in a wheel chair by security as he was not in walking condition, and wheeled right to the valet where he was handed his keys to drive home, quite un-sober.

As punishment, the man attempted to make himself vomit while in the elevator on either of the two security guards at his side.

It was a complete debacle, I didn’t find all this out until I woke up to a few texts the next morning (I had my own room at the hotel) and realized I needed to take a taxi home.

8401 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA
(323) 654-4088