I don’t like the name of this place. It sounds inappropriate. And unappetizing.

But I read that they have the second best veggie burger in LA, so I was determined to try it before I was done with my Venice house sitting. It’s a tiny little macrobiotic shack right next to the Venice Boardwalk. It’s also hot as blazes in there, I guess air conditioning isn’t exactly green living.

The thing above is described as a BBQ Tempeh burger. What the hell is Tempeh? God only knows.

Actually, let me look it up. Give me a sec.

Um…I suddenly feel ill.

Tempeh is essentially fermented soybean cakes. DELICIOUS!!

The best part of the above creation was the bun. I could have done without its contents.

Not to say it was revolting. It was ok. Just very, very odd. And for the BBQ part? BBQ, my ass. I don’t know if I appreciate that mysterious red sauce masquerading as BBQ sauce.

In summary, I love veggie burgers when they’re made from veggies, rice, or grains. I do NOT have a love affair with the soy bean, and do NOT wish to consume it any which way I can get it.

Before you know it, they’ll be making post-digested soy bean products, which will probably sell for hundreds of dollars and be considered a delicacy.

I dragged my friend Dr. Ruth here, it probably would have not been his first choice. Nor would it be mine. We both choked down our sandwiches, trying desperately to find the silver lining.

Bye Venice! You’ll be missed!

1604 Pacific Ave
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 396-1604