Ok, it’s now Friday and I’m just finishing up writing about last weekend’s trip to D-Land. I’m awful and need to be punished.

Where did we leave off? Oh. After leaving California Adventure, we headed to Disneyland to finish our day bathed in utter Disney delight.

It was not very crowded thankfully. We only had to wait a substantial amount of time in line for Splash Mountain (an hour…oy) but at least we purchased a nice, insanely overpriced picture.

I tell ya, when you crowd a bunch of people together and add some heat, you get some funktastic smells. I have a severely sensitive sense of smell. (Sounds like a kooky children’s book)

When I walk through a shopping mall, I hold my breath when I pass by a group of people so I don’t have to smell their…essence. Sometimes this leads to critical times where I must dash to the side in order to take a full breath. Yes, I’m a freak. But people stink!

We had dinner at the Orleans Café, next to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It’s a sit down joint a few steps up from the more casual spots where you grab some soup in a bread bowl shaped like Mickey Mouse and everyone eats on the way to the Teacups ride so the little ones can throw it all up.

I had eaten the Monte Cristo sandwich here before and I casually suggested (brutally enforced) that we dine there again so I may blog about this amazing creation.

This thing is probably fried multiple times. So many times, that if you were to cut through its many layers, one could easily discover its true age (and perhaps find a fossil or two)

Clyde ordered the Gumbo Crepe, which was also fantastic. Bonnie and Chesty’s meals were ok, I didn’t taste them so I didn’t bother to take note.

Disneyland must make crazy money each day. Considering that on top of the admission fee, each person is spending at least $40 a day with meals, parking and drinks. I have to applaud Mr. Disney. His park is pure money making genius. He realized right away that paying attention to every detail would be result in everyone paying him quite nicely. Smart, smart man.

After we bid farewell to Bonnie and Clyde, Chesty and I stayed until almost midnight, riding rides, watching the incredible fireworks show (seriously, the best I’ve ever seen) and we even got stuck on the Matterhorn ride!

After the ride became inoperable (AKA, a body probably fell on the tracks and had jammed up one of the bobsleds) they had to escort us out of our sleds, through the caves, through the maintenance room and past the crowds waiting in line, like criminals.

The magic was gone.

They gave us a bullshit pass to go to the front of the line at another ride, although the park was closing in just a few minutes. Thanks D-Land. Proving, once again, that nothing in life is free. Except for this picture.