I’m writing this on a sugar high that eating 7 popsicles in 10 minutes created. Twitch, twitch.

I had brunch at Boho a mere hours after I had just had breakfast in Venice. I had no business eating again, like a little piggy. Yet, I continued regardless. This little piggy certainly did NOT have none.

The dish that Clyde (of Bonnie and Clyde) is breathing on above is a Korean BBQ pizza! Dee-Lish. I could eat that all day. Without his face inches from it’s hot, crispy crust, that is.

We also ordered the…what’s it called? Oh, lemme look it up online.
“House Cured Corned Beef Hash with Fingerling Potatoes and Poached

Which was just all right. Insert blurry picture below.

Here is a view of the inside, which the hostess described as a funky furniture store:

Boho is a pretty, spacious spot for a great meal with an almost too friendly wait staff and bottomless mimosas and bloody mary’s (for $14 bucks)

ON A SIDE NOTE: On our way to the restaurant, stuck in traffic, we witnessed a motorcycle crash into a Lexus pulling into a McDonald’s.

The motorcycle driver was thrown off his bike, seeming uninjured and sitting quite stunned as the quite elderly Lexus driver did nothing. The guy seemed so old he probably did not even realize he had left home yet!

Watch out for those Lexus drivers….

6372 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 465-8500