The problem with writing these blogs days after I experience the restaurants is that..uh…well…my memory ain’t so good.

So, I will now attempt to remember what happened Friday…

I met my friend, The Bread Guy, at the new Bigfoot Lodge on Venice Blvd. This is a new establishment by the people that brought you the Bigfoot Lodge in Los Feliz, which I’ve never been to.

He was meeting some of the people he worked with for a drink. As you can guess, this sounded like quite the thrill for me.

I went, regardless, but only with the hopes of grabbing a burger at Howard’s Famous Bacon and Avocado Burgers. Yes, this is the actual name of the joint.

After a few gin and tonic’s, I was feeling quite ready for that previously mentioned burger so I grabbed BG and we walked a few blocks (peeing behind some bushes along the way) to find it had closed. Bastards!

So, we headed back to the surprisingly packed Bigfoot for another drink or ten. The interior is designed log cabin style, replete with faux log walls adorned with severed animal heads. It seems a bit forced but manages to still seem cool looking. The crowd are definitely westsiders. Whatever that means.

After our appetite had gotten the better of us, we scooted on over to La Cabana in Venice where I enjoyed a chorizo and potato quesadilla in the quite colorful patio area. Fun place, decent prices, food is quite above standard.

MOM, TAKE NOTE: The rice was dry, flavorless and kind of gross. There. A negative review.

Wow, that was a boring ass review! 100 Apologies!

738 Rose Ave (at Lincoln Boulevard)
Venice, CA 90291
(424) 354-2831