(the aftermath)

(the aftermath)

Sala who? Sala Dang!


Tonight was our friend, Billy Goat Gruff’s, birthday outing and we decided to celebrate it his way.

Playing an ice sport.


My veneers were as good as lying bloodied in my hand.

The night was to start out with another kidnapping. We had done this before with great success. However, tonight did not yield such agreeable results.

The fiery rascal kicked and yelled and fought like mad, one member of our party ended up on the ground with a bloody elbow. “You’re NOT doing this!” Billy was shouting angrily.

What’s his problem? Nothing says Happy Birthday like a surprise kidnapping near skid row!

With everyone sufficiently flustered, we caravanned to the casual but nice Saladang in Pasadena where we ended up scarfing down mass quantities of Thai food minutes before the kitchen was to close.

I’ve never witnessed food served so expediently. They must have realized we were VIP’s. 😉

We ate so disgustingly fast, that I kept looking over at Chesty Morgan and laughing (with my mouth stuffed to the gills) thinking that it felt like we were in some kind of eating contest!

Chesty does not like when bits of food are lying on the table, the saliva-drenched remnants dropped from ones mouth or flung off one’s shirt. This amuses me to no end. And of course, there was much debris left from our feeding frenzy, which created the funniest look of nausea on her face!

We then headed to play Broomball at the Pasadena Ice Skating rink, all of which was to be a surprise to the birthday boy.

A surprise that I ruined. When we seemed a bit lost, I asked a stranger right in front of Billy Goat Gruff “Where’s the ice skating rink?”

Broomball is a game I had never heard of until now. Very similar to hockey, except obviously more casual. You are basically slipping around the ice in your tennis shoes, trying to hit a shrunken volleyball into the opponents net with this skewed version of a hockey stick (used to be a broom back in the day I think)

Anyways, we had a blast playing! Even though I fell on my ass twice, I actually did ok and scored 3 goals before we left at midnight, my precious veneers still intact.

363 S Fair Oaks Ave
Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 793-8123