Well, Hello boys and girls! What you are about to read is an exciting short story about a group of friends drinking during the daytime, told in pictures! Yeah for pictures!

After our proud heroes ate a hearty brunch at Gjelina, they decided to head to the beach and get a drink at Danny’s. Hmm, hemp beers!

After enjoying their beers and bad white wine, they walked around the corner on the Venice Boardwalk to the Fig Tree Cafe, where they promptly ordered some refreshing sangria. Hmm, sangria!

After enjoying their sangria and some hearty people watching, our friends continued on to the Sidewalk Cafe. 25% Cafe, 75% Dive bar. They decided, at this point, to bump it up a notch and enjoy some heftier beverages. Hmm, heftier beverages.

Wait, where did all the beverages go? Oh! They have already been consumed by our parched travellers.

Feeling quite nice, they decided to explore the forbidden Venice Canals, stopping to pee on a Land Rover as they walked, as there were no convenient bathrooms.

After properly sobering up, our brave adventurers agreed that they were once again thirsty and this thirst needed to be quenched. So, they headed to The Other Room, on Abbot Kinney where they enjoyed ale, wine, raspberry beers and the obligatory group picture!

Our group unwisely decided to get margaritas at Roosterfish and then dinner at Lilly’s, a fancy french restaurant, when they were in no shape for such an establishment. This is where our story ends to protect the innocent. And the author.

This story is dedicated to Siegfried, Roy, and Chesty Morgan, here’s to a day that will not be forgotten! (nor will our wallets recover quickly)