What started out as a casual saturday afternoon brunch turned into a wild and crazy foray into the eclectic world of Venice cuisine (well, mostly Venice drinks).

We started out at Gjelina, which has a truly awful name in my opinion. Is the G silent or the J silent?? I mean, kind of pretentious! Just cuz you were voted the #2 restaurant by LA Magazine doesn’t mean that I can’t love your food but hate your name.

On a side note, DAMN, IT’S HOT TODAY!! My laptop’s fan is working overtime.

Joining me on our very fun day was Siegfried and Roy, and I.H. Actually, I’m giving her a new name. Chesty Morgan.

Chesty just wanted a turkey sandwich. We all chuckled snobbily as if she was joking and looked down to decide whether we wanted baby artichokes or roasted sunchokes (What the hell’s a sunchoke??)

At the top you will see the best thing on the menu. Lamb sausage and broccoli rabe Pizza with asagio and peccorino cheeses. YUM. We also ordered the gruyere with carmelized onion pizza which was just ok. Chesty did not like the greenery which unnecessarily adorned the creation, nor the fried egg in the center. Hey, it’s brunch, we had to get something breakfasty.

We also got a avovado, orange and beet salad which was terrific.

I had never had a sunchoke, before but they tasted like a mix between a potato and an apple. Quite good.

During the food fest, we also enjoyed blood orange Mimosas. Should I have capitalized Mimosas? Oh well, what’s done is done.

As we were leaving the casual, friendly spot (I would definitely come back here) we noticed a line out the door to get in. This place is happening. Thankfully we were happening to be leaving at the right time.

On to our next few joints for drinks. To be continued…

1429 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 450-1429