Seriously, you need to check out the pictures on this website before you continue to read:

Are you back? What do you think?? Pretty over the top, eh? A bit Vegas?

Personally, I think it’s Miami meets Versailles. Our “naturally” tanned host was even wearing a white sports jacket and white slacks. Quite “Miami Vice”.

If you were too lazy to go to the website as I clearly instructed, here’s a pic from the website:

That being said, the restaurant is quite visually stunning. You’ll be staring at the decor and wondering if anyone famous is sitting near you, the entire time.

Now, onto the food. Hmm, it would have been nice to get some in a decent amount of time. We were waiting about 45 minutes from our arrival, it was annoying.

I called the polite waitress over and she apologized profusely. I then added, to be a jerk, that we had been waiting an hour, blah, blah. Not missing a beat, she said “Actually it was 30 minutes, but I do apologize.”

Ok, now i felt like a real asshole. I, being the constant people pleaser, said I was sorry for exaggerating the next time she passed by, after it had eaten me up inside for too long. She said “No worries, I do it all the time!”

So, my friend, the Bread Guy, and I both orderd the flatbread pizzas. Now, you tell me you have a flatbread pizza and I’m ordering it. No question. Don’t test me.

The pizzas were quite pretty and ENORMOUS (I ordered the Grilled vegetable – peppers, zucchini, asparagus, eggplant, mushrooms, brocollini, all my favorites – oh, except the ghastly mushrooms. I threw them on the floor and ground my feet on them, in protest of my long wait.)

I was too embarrased to take a picture of the meal, but for your viewing pleasure I stole a picture online of what they look like. This was a Proscuitto and other stuff pizza. Yes, I’m sure that’s what it says on the menu.

Plus, I was scared the camera’s flash bouncing against all the white, silver and glass would create a sort of exploding star effect. Or perhaps people would have imagined it was the second coming.

My issue with pizza is this: I like it spicy. If it doesn’t come that way, I must pour hot sauce or chili flakes on it. This is not optional. If I don’t have these at my disposal, I immediately come to the conclusion that the pizza is bland, as in this case.

It wasn’t at all though! My taste buds have just been dulled by years of chili abuse. I do go to meetings for my addiction however, so just back off!

9601 Brighton Way
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-5109
(310) 859-7600
See above