This place reminds me of somewhere I used to go to in Seattle. A multi-use, ultra casual large coffee shop, music venue, ecetera. Even equiped with two pseudo-homeless men at the tables in the corner, drinking their donated coffees.

I met Tenille and Billy Goat Gruff here since they were both in the area. Tenille had to eat and run since she had a nude photo shoot to organize shortly after. She had informed her subject, “You don’t have to be completely nude, you can wear sheer undergarments” to which the subject (OK, I’ll spill. Her subject was her partner in crime, Captain) responded in true Captain fashion “I’ll be nude.”

Abbot’s Habit is right next to Abbot’s Pizza. You walk in, you place your order (sandwiches, salads, enormous pieces of quiche) and find a table to sit til your name’s called. Easy peasy.

I ordered the very pretty looking Southwest Vegetarian sandwich on Rosemary bread. Good on paper. The only issue was, I began to covet thy neighbor’s meat sandwiches!! I caught myself staring at BGG’s meat festival more often than I would have liked. Hmm…that sounds dirty.

As the sandwich was all right but a bit bland, I had to think fast. I looked around for any emergency condiments. Hmm..salt and bloody pepper. That’s it, fool?? No little packets of French’s??

Tabasco! What? Well…might as well.

So I completely doused the innards, the guts of the sandwich if you will, with the vinegary liquid. Each bite thereafter caused my mouth to catch fire, just a bit. The homeless man coming over to us to snatch the bathroom key (and giving us shit for bogarting it), distracted me slightly from my 4 alarm fire.

To cool the tongue off, we went to N’ice Cream across the street for some refreshing Gelato. BGG proceeded to unsubtly “eye-bang” the clerk, inappropriately (I’m guessing this was her after-school job.)

He would even lean over, bypassing my conversation, to luridly watch her every move. I hurriedly finished my salted caramel gelato (good shit) and we headed our separate ways to avoid the authorities being called.

1401 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291
310) 399-1171