I flew to San Fran on Tuesday morning for a meeting with my client, The Scientist, in the Embarcardero district, had a great lunch at The Slanted Door, a little more meeting and then back to LA that very evening.

Siegfried had mentioned that she liked the Slanted Door when I pressured her for restaurant ideas. My boss thinks I’m in SF solely for work? Ha! I’m here for a great restaurant for the ‘ole blog and don’t let anyone tell you different!

On the flight up, our flight attendant was a fiesty, elderly, spitfire who clearly part-timed as a comedian. In the 1930’s.

I jotted down some of her doozy’s:

“Don’t worry folks, we don’t anticpate anything happening on this flight. If we thought something bad was going to happen, we wouldn’t have shown up for work today!”

“There’s no tampering with lavatory smoke detectors. If I catcha smokin’, I’LL be smokin’!”

“Please be careful when opening luggage compartments after we land. Like the bumper sticker says, Shift Happens!”

The Slanted Door (which I keep wanting to call Slanted Eye – a bit un-PC) is located in the ferry building on the waterfront, a place that has a lot of great places that I was drooling over. San Fran really has every other city beat in the restaurant department, it’s a shame.

The folks that work with my client took me to lunch (conveniently located across the street from their offices) and we ordered a bunch of stuff. Everything was delish. Since this is not an LA joint, I won’t bother letting you know what I ordered. If you end up going to SF, just ask me then if you still care.

As I depart SF, I attempt to remember how I worked the BART (subway) ticket kiosk. It’s a bit complicated. So much so, that when I was leaving town, I was asked by some woman and also the man waiting after her, how to work the damn thing!

As I wait for my flight to begin boarding, I witness an old woman walk by who’s breasts are so unusually large, I simply must take a second glance. After she spots me doing so, she irritably closes up her tiny jacket which doesn’t begin to fully cover the enormity of her bossom.

On the shuttle ride home, a kid proceeded to rip out one of his front teeth, casually place it in his mother’s hand and swivel around to give me a proud pumpkin grin. His mother then oddly asked if he had yacked on the tooth! Huh?

Boy, this kid’s laugh is annoying…and now they won’t stop talking about the damn tooth fairy…get me off this shuttle!

1 Ferry Building
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 861-8032