Apparently, their pizza is cold and the service is horrible.

According to some online reviews.

Luckily, I didn’t deal with the cashier and the cold pizza ended up being a good thing, in this case!

So, I begin house sitting in Venice Beach on Saturday and the woman’s pad is in the best location. Blocks from both the beach and Abbot Kinney, where all the trendy beach bums hang.

I have little insight on beach life, talk to me in a few weeks when I’ve become an expert. When my beard has grown out, sand begins to clog the bathtub and my flip flops have surgically attached themselves to my feet.

When I arrived last night to get the grand tour, I saw my friend Thelma there (of “Thelma and Louise” with the bunion encrusted foot), as the two are writing parnters, and we all began walking down the little alley to Abbot Kinney for a slice of Salad Pizza.

Or was it Pizza Salad?

Either way, it was Pizzalicious! It was very crispy, medium thickness, with an everything-bagel crust topped with a little basic salad as a topping. $5 a slice.

Still under the $10 dollar budget! (which is getting boring)

Sure, it was cold. But it worked. If you don’t like it, just shut up about it.

I mean it, shut up!

Oh, they have this spicy sauce to dip your pizza bones into. Delovely!