Wild Friday Night Alert!

A hike and dinner. I almost blew a gasket!

I met my friend Babe Ruth in Burbank for a hike at Stough Canyon. It was a 2 hour brisk, but nice, slow incline up the typical LA landscape (pretty dead hills).

We saw several deer who were not frightened of us, which was refreshing. That is, until the cocking of my rifle!

The views on the way were not much but once we reached the top (well, we were feeling a bit lazy. Let’s say…not the top but…top-ish) the view was fantastic!! I think I recognize this view from commericals or movies or something. Seeing the hills of Griffith Park stuck right in the middle of a city, it looked like someone carved out a chunk of a Hawaiian island and placed it right smack in the middle of Anytown, USA. It was breathtaking.

Sorry for the actual normal sized paragraph! I’m sure many of you have already skipped over it! 🙂

So, after NOT showering, we headed to Glendale to the cute, bright and cheery Mamitas Peruvian Restaurant (descriptions stolen directly from a website – it’s too early to come up with my own adjectives)

Since it was almost closing time and they probably wanted us to get the hell out of there, we were seated and fed almost instantaneously. Much to our delight!

We ordered a soup to start. I now call it the Chicken Parts Soup. Only because Babe Ruth responded that the soup contained chicken hearts to my “Why are there small bits of red pork in here?” quandry.

It was actually very tasty, like a Thai Mexican soup with tiny noodles and a creamy red broth. (and chicken parts)

For an entree I ordered the…um….uh….let me look it up.

Ok, no menu online. It was the Pollo something something Mamitas. It was an extremely flattened chicken breast in a great sauce with sauteed onions and pepper with rice and mashed potatoes.

I say WAS because I (again) forgot my phone and took a picture of the leftovers instead! AKA: my breakfast this morning. I, of course, mashed everything together first, creating a sort of Mexican fried rice. SOOO GOOOD!!!

Peruvian food is not my favorite but it’s solid. Peruvian food can be boiled down to a meat and potatoes cuisine.

What disappointed me was no hot sauce to be found except this strange green creamy stuff which I did squirt on everything (including my shirt).

Oh, and I had some Yucca!

Or, as my extremely picky father would say: “Gross…Yucka is right!”

714 S Brand Blvd
Glendale, CA 91204
(818) 243-5121