So day two in the greater Palm Springs area at our fabulous compound. The night before held many adventures, however, for a certain member of our group, memories were blurry.

She had been running around the pool nude and beyond wasted, making microwave quesadillas in an almost obscene and dangerous fashion and spitting Cheese-It’s on the kitchen floor.

Her boyfriend was far from mortified and barely payed any attention.

We spent friday afternoon frolicking in the pool to escape the 110 degree heat, playing pool volleyball, drinking random frozen drinks, throwing frisbee, using the putting green, and for the drunk gal from the night before; peeing on a rock in plain view of everyone.

For dinner that night, we ventured into the big city, La Quinta. Sid, from “Sid and Nancy”, had recomended this place to us and, as it was a sports bar, it seemed right up everyone’s alley.

I ordered the French Dip. It was solid. Unlike my stool, later that evening.

We played a little Dave & Buster’s-esque basketball. I actually wasn’t half bad! We also played some random video trivia game, I won’t go into details.

Some poor white trash guy left us the rest of his birthday ice cream cake. We said our obligatory “Happy Birthday” and scarfed it down in seconds. Now, THAT was good.

Driving back to the house, we payed homage to Michael Jackson’s passing by listening to “Dirty Diana” on repeat.

“I am the stuff that you want, I’ve got the thing that you need…”

78-483 Highway 111
La Quinta, CA 92253