OK, so Saturday, the actual 4th of July.

We know we’re bbq’ing that evening so some of us decide to check out this Salton Sea which apparently is next door to us.

We pile 6 of us into a clown car and make our way to the Smelly Sea. Oh boy, does it stink there. At first I think, it’s all the salt residing in California’s largest lake, causing the smell. Oh was I wrong!

Here’s the lake. So picturesque. Wait…what’s that dotting the shore…rocks maybe….


Here’s what actually lay along the shore. No need to buy meat to BBQ!

Fresh, delicious, eyeless fish jerkey! Get it while it’s steaming.

And God was it, so we escaped into the “Visitor’s Center” for some coolling off and some perusing of useless crap with the name “Salton Sea” on it.

The clerk (or whatever the fat, cranky asshole behind the counter’s title was) rubbed us the wrong way, so we skedaddled it out of there, piling back in the hot as hades car which decided to just barely breathe scant amounts of air conditioning onto our melting faces.

“Tenille, are you feeling the AC back there?” someone asked. To which she replied “Air is not something I am currently aware of.”

We hang out at the pool, swatting flies for the remainder of the day. I take two friends on a little photo shoot at our regulation size boxing ring.

So another night of debauchery ends and we decide to finally check out good ole Palm Springs before going home. We have brunch at this place Azul (perhaps the 3rd gayest restaurant currently on Earth.) I split a club wrap with I.H.

It was ok. I don’t love lunch meat and especially not hot lunch meat. You will NEVER find me at an Arby’s!

I don’t know why it’s so difficult to make sandwiches and wraps with real sliced meats as apposed to the chef merely peeling layers off a taupe-colored mound of miscellaneous animal flesh purchased at Costco!

369 N Palm Canyon Dr
Palm Springs, CA 92262-5601
(760) 325-5533