I thought I was so smart.

I thought, Bun Boy? Let’s be healthy today!

Let’s order the vegetarian sandwich.

Let’s say “NO” to the cheese.

Let’s get wheat bread instead of sourdough.

Oh! And let’s spend under $10 bucks.

What do I get?

A friggin MAYONNAISE sandwich!

You can’t see it now, but there is a tidal wave of the white creamy spread swimming around in there. It was so plentiful that I almost drowned in it.

All that being said, it was delicious!

Roni’s is a quick, decently priced, cute diner in Beverly Hills which Clyde joined me at, this afternoon. However, I needed to get this taste out of my mouth, pronto.

So afterwards, myself and Clyde (whose lunch was so boring, I fell asleep before I could snap a pic) went to one of his favorite Fro-Yo places nearby.

Yes, I said it. Fro-Yo.

It was good, not great. Sorry, dude. Yogurtland is the boobs!!*

Great company though!

BTW, I just ate a thousand pickles while writing this. I feel sick yet no longer sodium deficient…

*Not my word. Slang courtesy of J.D.

9911 Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90212-1606
(310) 772-0044