John O’ Groats is simply lovely. (Said in a Scottish accent)

So, I go out to lunch only about once or twice a week. Yes, I actually bring my lunch to work the other days. Usually some bland salad or soup or something extremely healthy. How else can I avoid becoming as big as a house?

I usually go out with “Nancy” of “Sid and Nancy” and “Grace Slick.” I usually have referred to Grace Slick as A.V. in the past, but, as she’s a bit crazy (in a good way) I think I’ve found a better name for her.

“One pill makes you smaller…”

SO. I ordered the Vegetarian Hash and Cilantro Potato Pancakes.

Good and Yum.

Who in their right mind does not like a potato pancake?? I don’t think I even want to know. I certainly wouldn’t want to become friends with them, nor would I recomend them for jobs or bank loans.

Anyway, the pancakes are basically delicious fried cilantro-infused mashed potato patties which are MILES above your typical dry as a bone latkes.

The vegetarian hash was just sauteed vegetables. I was hoping for a bit more. But I still enjoy sauteed vegetables, so here’s what I did:

Smashed the entire plate up into one big delicious potatoey pile of sloppy goodness.

Then, it became the perfect dish.

Oh! I also added the obligatory ketchup and hot sauce on top! Consider yourself lucky I did not capture the final product in a photo, as it no longer appeared edible.

Breakfast is what this place is famous for. In fact, while we were waiting for a table, some lady (who had a little too much face work done) asked me what she should order and I told her “Get the Huevos O’ Groats and a better surgeon!”

Let’s see…what else… the service is great, everyone here is so freaking nice.

If you want the opposite, go to Factor’s Deli on Pico where the woman with the grey mullet will literally roll her eyes and sigh deeply if you’re not ready to order when she is!

10516 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 204-0692