Think Blue! Think Tacos!

We may have arrived an hour late to the game, but we made up for it by staying for the entire 13 innings to watch the Dodgers prevail over the Rockies.

I love baseball games. Those who know me, assume I have an allergy to sports, but this is not true. I enjoy attending live sporting events. I just don’t track the players, stats, records, and unfortunately, sometimes even basic game rules.

E.S. and I have stopped at this incredible taco stand in Silverlake on the way to a Dodger game before. They have some of the best in town, I’ll steak E.S.’s life on it. I’m sure she won’t mind.

In keeping with the under $10 bucks bull shit, I ordered a carne asada and a carnitas taco. Total with tip, $4 bucks. Yeah!

Unfortunately, after my friend dropped me off, I discovered I did not have my keys with me and was locked out of our “secure” apartment building. I put parenthesis around “secured” as our front door never shuts properly and is a complete joke.

I desperately tried calling people in the building, but the outside phone was malfunctioning. Panic mode!

I called “Nancy” of “Sid and Nancy” but the b**** didn’t answer. She seriously assumes that people calling that late are out to slaughter her and does not pick up the phone. I was so stressed, I was ready to make that a reality for her.

I tried to go around the apt. building to the little wine shop that’s attached to our pool area but they had walled up the previously flimsy gate so I couldn’t hop on over. Damn!

When I arrived back at the front of my apt., I saw a ghetto chair sitting on the grass next to me. In our neighborhood, that’s how we do it. Put our shit on the front lawn and wait for someone else to snatch it. One man’s trash…

What to do? What to do?

After the annoying couple who were talking next to the chair finally freaking left, I snatched it and carried it to the other side of the building, while it banged my knees the entire way!

I then climbed over the fancy black wood-panelled fence, hurting my ankle and hobbled to bed, tired and wishing I had 32 more of those perfect little tacos resting safely in my belly.

Here is the scene of the crime:

I snapped this while leaving for work the next morning. Then, I realized I should remove the evidence so the shop owners don’t ask my apt. manager if any crazy or homeless people were lying unconscious by the pool.

The chair is now hanging out in the back of my car, after I stealthfully snatched it, trying not to look like a looter.

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