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  • July 31, 2009 12:56 am

Yes, I’m an adult going to Disneyland with other adults. Get over it.

Pictured above were the chosen, lucky ones.

And the only ones that would have any interest in going to Disneyland without a child in tow.

So, we did most of the rides, sure. But we also ate our way through the place. Damn, we forgot to get a churro!!

Our first meal was in the California Adventure theme park, after we had finished going on the three rides that seemed any good.

My Fajita Chicken salad was about the size of Bonnie. And eating Bonnie would probably have been healthier. And in order to properly toss the salad, I ended up tossing half of it on the ground.

My opinion of Disneyland and Disney in general is twofold. I find Disney instills dangerous notions of perfect lives and happily ever after. I also find it to be an unignorable part of my childhood, creating waves of nostalgia (as well as nausea) and indescribable “good feelings.”

Regardless, I love this place. I never went as a child (horrible parents, locked in a basement, ect.) so I was shocked at my reaction upon my first visit at age 22. I actually went for three days straight! Huh?

Well, I certainly don’t have to visit Middle America now. I found myself surrounded by every resident of a red state. Forcing their way through the crowd, running over feet with their baby strollers, their Mickey Mouse ears sliding off their sweating heads, spilling their frozen lemonades on their fat guts.

For many folks, Disneyland is IT for the year as far as vacations go. Their one escape from reality. Their one chance to spend an inordinate amount of cash on shiny, spinny, swirly Disney memorablia and enormous pickles.


  • July 30, 2009 12:39 am

I’m writing this on a sugar high that eating 7 popsicles in 10 minutes created. Twitch, twitch.

I had brunch at Boho a mere hours after I had just had breakfast in Venice. I had no business eating again, like a little piggy. Yet, I continued regardless. This little piggy certainly did NOT have none.

The dish that Clyde (of Bonnie and Clyde) is breathing on above is a Korean BBQ pizza! Dee-Lish. I could eat that all day. Without his face inches from it’s hot, crispy crust, that is.

We also ordered the…what’s it called? Oh, lemme look it up online.
“House Cured Corned Beef Hash with Fingerling Potatoes and Poached

Which was just all right. Insert blurry picture below.

Here is a view of the inside, which the hostess described as a funky furniture store:

Boho is a pretty, spacious spot for a great meal with an almost too friendly wait staff and bottomless mimosas and bloody mary’s (for $14 bucks)

ON A SIDE NOTE: On our way to the restaurant, stuck in traffic, we witnessed a motorcycle crash into a Lexus pulling into a McDonald’s.

The motorcycle driver was thrown off his bike, seeming uninjured and sitting quite stunned as the quite elderly Lexus driver did nothing. The guy seemed so old he probably did not even realize he had left home yet!

Watch out for those Lexus drivers….

6372 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 465-8500


  • July 29, 2009 2:43 am

Welcome to another REVIEW SPURT!

I decided to try somewhere new for my last breakfast in Venice. The two weeks of housesitting have come to a close. Quite sad, I had grown fond of my evening runs on the beach and avoiding eye contact with anyone that walked past me, on the way there.

Brick house is your basic beach breakfast place. However, I ordered something that seemed out of the ordinary, the Cuban Roll. It was a pancake sandwich stuffed with ham and cheese with a side of marmalade butter. Fantastic!!

The place is a bit of a dump but the one waitress who was scurrying around was very friendly. However, she kept saying “Cheers” to everyone after leaving their table; that was kind of annoying. And it was reflected in her tip.

826 Hampton Dr
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 581-1639


  • July 29, 2009 2:17 am

The problem with writing these blogs days after I experience the restaurants is that..uh…well…my memory ain’t so good.

So, I will now attempt to remember what happened Friday…

I met my friend, The Bread Guy, at the new Bigfoot Lodge on Venice Blvd. This is a new establishment by the people that brought you the Bigfoot Lodge in Los Feliz, which I’ve never been to.

He was meeting some of the people he worked with for a drink. As you can guess, this sounded like quite the thrill for me.

I went, regardless, but only with the hopes of grabbing a burger at Howard’s Famous Bacon and Avocado Burgers. Yes, this is the actual name of the joint.

After a few gin and tonic’s, I was feeling quite ready for that previously mentioned burger so I grabbed BG and we walked a few blocks (peeing behind some bushes along the way) to find it had closed. Bastards!

So, we headed back to the surprisingly packed Bigfoot for another drink or ten. The interior is designed log cabin style, replete with faux log walls adorned with severed animal heads. It seems a bit forced but manages to still seem cool looking. The crowd are definitely westsiders. Whatever that means.

After our appetite had gotten the better of us, we scooted on over to La Cabana in Venice where I enjoyed a chorizo and potato quesadilla in the quite colorful patio area. Fun place, decent prices, food is quite above standard.

MOM, TAKE NOTE: The rice was dry, flavorless and kind of gross. There. A negative review.

Wow, that was a boring ass review! 100 Apologies!

738 Rose Ave (at Lincoln Boulevard)
Venice, CA 90291
(424) 354-2831


  • July 28, 2009 3:32 pm

Pictured above is what one orders if one is NOT a sushi afficionado.

So, I’ve been house and cat sitting in Venice for the past few weeks, otherwise, I rarely get out here. The cat’s name is Big Guy and he’s ancient, cute, but with fetid breath.

He wakes me up every morning before my run on the beach and scratches at my chin with his enormous paw containing weathered, dull claws.

Ok, enough with the cat stories folks, I don’t want you guys to pass out at your computer screens. I don’t want to have 5 damaged keyboards out there!

Hama Sushi is 2 blocks away from me. It has a very neighborhoody feel to it. And by neighborhoody, I mean, it has a fly infestation.

If you sit at the patio bar, you get access to a happy hour menu. Which I did. $4 sushi rolls? Yes, indeedy!

This was the first time I’ve ever gone to a restaurant BY MYSELF. I admit, I was a bit nervous. You do need something to look at or read. Thank god for flat screen TV’s (and swatting at flies.)

I ordered some non sushi-lover rolls (spicy tuna and a veggie) and a water. Big spenda! I’m sure the waitress ran to the back to tell the manager that Bun Boy was here and his substantial order may, in fact, cause a run on the raw fish supply.

I sat in my uncomfortable chair with no leg rest, while my legs began to fall asleep and ate my sushi in 20 minutes with the other single and cheap people. The woman next to me talking about some damn movie, had such a screaching voice, I crossed my fingers that she would mistake the chunk of wasabi for a piece of sushi!

After dinner I needed something sweet so I headed to the Venice boardwalk. OBSERVATION: What is it with the smell of the Venice homeless?? Their scent is that of someone who’s rolled in Patchouli and Nag Champa incense and then left it on for a MONTH sans bathing. Now, that’s a special kind of stink.

I eventually found my way back to Abbot Kinney and to the Intelligentsia / Venice coffee bar. God knows what their name is but inside, it’s a clusterfuck!

I don’t think I saw a menu but luckily I saw a thimble-sized display case of deserts inches above the floor where I chose the chocolate ganache tart. It was not cheap, and I felt pressured to tip $1 on top of it as I made my way around the confusing circular counter area wondering where the hell do I pay?

I won’t tell you how good it OBVIOUSLY was. I’ll just show you….


213 Windward Ave
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 396-8783


  • July 25, 2009 3:33 pm

(the aftermath)

(the aftermath)

Sala who? Sala Dang!


Tonight was our friend, Billy Goat Gruff’s, birthday outing and we decided to celebrate it his way.

Playing an ice sport.


My veneers were as good as lying bloodied in my hand.

The night was to start out with another kidnapping. We had done this before with great success. However, tonight did not yield such agreeable results.

The fiery rascal kicked and yelled and fought like mad, one member of our party ended up on the ground with a bloody elbow. “You’re NOT doing this!” Billy was shouting angrily.

What’s his problem? Nothing says Happy Birthday like a surprise kidnapping near skid row!

With everyone sufficiently flustered, we caravanned to the casual but nice Saladang in Pasadena where we ended up scarfing down mass quantities of Thai food minutes before the kitchen was to close.

I’ve never witnessed food served so expediently. They must have realized we were VIP’s. 😉

We ate so disgustingly fast, that I kept looking over at Chesty Morgan and laughing (with my mouth stuffed to the gills) thinking that it felt like we were in some kind of eating contest!

Chesty does not like when bits of food are lying on the table, the saliva-drenched remnants dropped from ones mouth or flung off one’s shirt. This amuses me to no end. And of course, there was much debris left from our feeding frenzy, which created the funniest look of nausea on her face!

We then headed to play Broomball at the Pasadena Ice Skating rink, all of which was to be a surprise to the birthday boy.

A surprise that I ruined. When we seemed a bit lost, I asked a stranger right in front of Billy Goat Gruff “Where’s the ice skating rink?”

Broomball is a game I had never heard of until now. Very similar to hockey, except obviously more casual. You are basically slipping around the ice in your tennis shoes, trying to hit a shrunken volleyball into the opponents net with this skewed version of a hockey stick (used to be a broom back in the day I think)

Anyways, we had a blast playing! Even though I fell on my ass twice, I actually did ok and scored 3 goals before we left at midnight, my precious veneers still intact.

363 S Fair Oaks Ave
Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 793-8123


  • July 24, 2009 2:29 am

A Whole Lotta Falafel

A Whole Lotta Falafel

Here are my views on “Mediterranean” food. Prepare to be astounded.

I enjoy Mediterranean food immensely. I just don’t see how one place is any different from the other.

The Kabob Express is just like the Falafel Emporium which is just like the House of Hummus.

Rarely do I see a fluctuation in a menu. Perhaps the shwarma at one place is a bit juicier, or the falafel balls might be a bit drier (Yes, I said balls) but they all seem to have the same recipes and the same dishes. They are all quite uniform and there doesn’t seem to be such a thing as Mediterranean Fusion.

Which I’m totally fine with. I love all that stuff, and when I crave it, I don’t want to wonder what I’m getting.

Which brings me to Gaby’s, located on a nondescript section of Venice blvd…actually…isn’t all of Venice blvd nondescript??

I just deleted a whole paragraph of boring description of the place. Who cares? The food is good; you’re not coming here for the ambience.

I ordered the Vegetarian special, I got a little hummus, baba ghanoush, tabouli, dolmas, falafel, garlic sauce and pita. The what and the what? The yum and the yum.

I’m amused that these places exotically call themselves “Mediterranean” to steer the customers’ minds away from what they really are: Middle Eastern.

You walk into these places and you aren’t quite sure where you’re supposed to be. Are those faded photos on the wall of Greece? Is the olive-skinned waitress from Spain? Those are places in the Mediterranean.

No. You are most likely in a Lebanese restaurant that thinks you will not come to a Middle Eastern establishment. And sadly, in the case of some folks, they’re probably right.

10445 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034
Phone: (310) 559-1808


  • July 23, 2009 1:54 am

A Devilish Close Up

A Devilish Close Up

I’ve been obsessed with the idea of going here for weeks now. Tonight, I had to make Lucifer’s Pizza mine, all mine. Mwah Ha Ha Ha. (pathetic attempt at an evil laugh)

As it was another Dodgers night with Tenille, we decided to grab dinner in Los Feliz before the game. Already late for the game and 20 minutes from my house, I realized as we sat down to eat that I had forgotten the tickets. Shit!

Oh well, we’ve never been to a game on time this season, why ruin that streak?

After eating, we drove back home, got the tix, then drove back to the stadium, 2 HOURS LATE. But it was a high scoring game, we arrived at the 4th inning. Perfect! We were still able to watch the Dodgers continue to kick Cincinatti’s butt!

Lucifer’s is a little pizza shack, painted all in black, with very friendly Australian employees. They have about 20 different types of pizzas to choose from and I had my evil little heart set on the Thai Satay Chicken.

A Less Graphic View

A Less Graphic View

Both Tenille and I ordered personal sized pizzas which obviously were the perfect size cuz we both DEVOURED the entire thing. Here’s a breakdown:

*Thin, crispy, dry crust.

*Not greasy at all.

*Minimal cheese, which I like.

*Terrific sauce (mine had peanut sauce on top of the tomato sauce. Don’t scoff, it actually worked)

*There wasn’t an overload of toppings which was good.

*Both of our pizzas were under $10 bucks.

*Would I go back? Yes. Satan himself couldn’t stop me.

1958 Hillhurst Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027-2722
(323) 906-8603


  • July 22, 2009 7:08 am

Well, Hello boys and girls! What you are about to read is an exciting short story about a group of friends drinking during the daytime, told in pictures! Yeah for pictures!

After our proud heroes ate a hearty brunch at Gjelina, they decided to head to the beach and get a drink at Danny’s. Hmm, hemp beers!

After enjoying their beers and bad white wine, they walked around the corner on the Venice Boardwalk to the Fig Tree Cafe, where they promptly ordered some refreshing sangria. Hmm, sangria!

After enjoying their sangria and some hearty people watching, our friends continued on to the Sidewalk Cafe. 25% Cafe, 75% Dive bar. They decided, at this point, to bump it up a notch and enjoy some heftier beverages. Hmm, heftier beverages.

Wait, where did all the beverages go? Oh! They have already been consumed by our parched travellers.

Feeling quite nice, they decided to explore the forbidden Venice Canals, stopping to pee on a Land Rover as they walked, as there were no convenient bathrooms.

After properly sobering up, our brave adventurers agreed that they were once again thirsty and this thirst needed to be quenched. So, they headed to The Other Room, on Abbot Kinney where they enjoyed ale, wine, raspberry beers and the obligatory group picture!

Our group unwisely decided to get margaritas at Roosterfish and then dinner at Lilly’s, a fancy french restaurant, when they were in no shape for such an establishment. This is where our story ends to protect the innocent. And the author.

This story is dedicated to Siegfried, Roy, and Chesty Morgan, here’s to a day that will not be forgotten! (nor will our wallets recover quickly)


GJELINA – Stop #1 on Venice Beach Restaurant Crawl

  • July 21, 2009 4:48 am


What started out as a casual saturday afternoon brunch turned into a wild and crazy foray into the eclectic world of Venice cuisine (well, mostly Venice drinks).

We started out at Gjelina, which has a truly awful name in my opinion. Is the G silent or the J silent?? I mean, kind of pretentious! Just cuz you were voted the #2 restaurant by LA Magazine doesn’t mean that I can’t love your food but hate your name.

On a side note, DAMN, IT’S HOT TODAY!! My laptop’s fan is working overtime.

Joining me on our very fun day was Siegfried and Roy, and I.H. Actually, I’m giving her a new name. Chesty Morgan.

Chesty just wanted a turkey sandwich. We all chuckled snobbily as if she was joking and looked down to decide whether we wanted baby artichokes or roasted sunchokes (What the hell’s a sunchoke??)

At the top you will see the best thing on the menu. Lamb sausage and broccoli rabe Pizza with asagio and peccorino cheeses. YUM. We also ordered the gruyere with carmelized onion pizza which was just ok. Chesty did not like the greenery which unnecessarily adorned the creation, nor the fried egg in the center. Hey, it’s brunch, we had to get something breakfasty.

We also got a avovado, orange and beet salad which was terrific.

I had never had a sunchoke, before but they tasted like a mix between a potato and an apple. Quite good.

During the food fest, we also enjoyed blood orange Mimosas. Should I have capitalized Mimosas? Oh well, what’s done is done.

As we were leaving the casual, friendly spot (I would definitely come back here) we noticed a line out the door to get in. This place is happening. Thankfully we were happening to be leaving at the right time.

On to our next few joints for drinks. To be continued…

1429 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 450-1429