Hmm, it apparently looks like I’ve spilled a gram of fresh cocaine on top of my entree!

I came to this restaurant in trendy Larchmont Village with “Bonnie and Clyde” after Clyde’s and I’s writing session Sunday morning. I’m sure that is utterly grammatically incorrect. Amy?

Clyde and I strolled around the farmer’s market beforehand, bumping into “Monk” TV star Tony Shalboub, and came across an olive oil and vinegar stand. I told Tony I’d simply have to talk to him another time. 😉

The enthusiastic, ghostly white woman did her schpeel about almost each product, giving us a small chunk of bread dipped in each one. To thank her, after her 15 minute presentation, we left having bought nothing.

When Bonnie arrived, we roamed around looking for somewhere to eat. I wanted to go to Village Pizzeria but we all decided (AKA: Bonnie decided. Happy wife, happy life) on Greek, walking by a cage full of kitties in the process. Perhaps, mysterious Gyro meat contains kitties?

I never crave Greek food, but I do like it. However, I never eat it and then moan and groan and make sex noises.

But I still enjoy giving it a whirl every once in a while. I did eat the Pastitsio (greek lasagne) at the LA Greek Festival last year and found it incredible. Or perhaps the acidic greek wine in me needing some soaking up?

I figured I would order that again here. It was ok. It’s basically hamburger helper with a custardy sauce on top (and obviously a little yayo to kick start the day). The lemon potatoes were the best part and the hummus and warm pita to start was nice. The baba ghanoush was very odd looking. It looked like pale, pathetic sauerkraut.

Clyde, the “comedian” from the Campanile dinner, said I should mention that he took a pee in the toilet and it made the ice chunk in the urinal begin to steam. Gross. I told him I refuse!

127 N Larchmont Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90004