We celebrated my good friend Nancy’s birthday in grand style on Saturday night at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery’s screening of “The Graduate.” Yes, this is Nancy of Sid and Nancy.

For those of you who’ve never been to a screening (judging by the 1.2 million folks that show up to these, I’m guessing most of you have) it’s basically become an LA tourist attraction.

You show up, you pay your ten bucks, you have your wine, weed, food, blankets and chairs and while you wait for night to fall, everyone eats, visits, and listens to the DJ spinning retro tunes.

Then, some 40’s western or 60’s psychadelic flick begins to illuminate the large white wall of a mausoleum while a good 50% of the population passes out.

It’s always a great time. Unless you have some bad potato salad. But then again, the porta potties always seem clean.

Our group (about 20 peeps) brough an eclectic array of foodstuffs to enjoy this evening. Truffled cheese pizzas, assorted hummus, potato salad (uh oh), fried chicken, everything and anything from Trader Joe’s, and most importantly: A.V.’s amazing mac and cheese!

You may recognize A.V. from our meals at The Vegan Joint and Food, when she was swearing at inatimate objects. Good gal. Made a damn good batch of deliciousness!

We did not have utencils, so we proceeded to dispatch the container of cheesy goodness with our eager fingers. It was incredible. Bits of cheesy baked bread mixed in for good measure. A.V., ya done good!

I had not seen The Graduate before, I thoroughly enjoyed it and did not pass out. Yay for me! Simon and Garfunkle continues to swirl around in my head.

There was a point where this small black creature came crawling towards us. It was a feral cat, it’s matted fur only magnifying it’s affectionate nature. We petted it whilst avoiding a flea infestation, other groups around us feeling intense jealousy, as it would not answer their desperate cries for it to come to them.

Our cemetery cat recognized a kindred spirit in us. Cat, I hope you found a home with someone or at least got to snack on all the spilled food, which would include the red velvet cupcakes I bought our birthday girl that I kept dropping on the grass and putting back on the tray unobtrusively.