There ain’t nothing like a good sandwich. Is this a good sandwich? Yes. Is it shit your pants, slap your mama good? No. I’ll leave that to the holy grail of sandwich shops, Bay Cities Deli.

At Potato Chips (the name comes from a really cool sign the owner liked, I believe), the bread is a light french roll but befitting a sandwich who’s contents are the star of the show. Bay Cities’ bread is the star of that show. And it’s a show I could watch every day.

I ordered the Italian, a good choice I would say, and large in size. I realize the pic above portrays the sandwich as low on meat and a bit dull looking. Actually, it looks down right sad.

However, Deb, in this case, looks are deceiving. You don’t need more meat than what they give you. So get over it.

They only have about 6 sandwiches on their menu and they range from 8 – 11 bucks. A meatball, tuna, turkey, prosciutto and a BLT in addition to the one I got. The interior is clean, smart and super casual, but I got mine to go.

Is it wrong that I did not get any potato chips at Potato Chips? Sure.

Is it even more wrong that when I went to the corner store afterwards to buy some other snacks that I still forgot to get chips? And instead purchased a twinky? Should i continue to ask myself annoying questions? Of course!

I noticed the expiration date on the twinky said “July 13” but did not specify a year. Insert “twinky’s and Cher will still be around after a nuclear holocaust” joke here.

7613 Beverly BLVD
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 931-0911