Grilled Cheese Night!

Today was dragging along at a snail’s pace, holding great anticipation for me. This week is Campanile’s 20th anniversary of it’s opening and of it’s infamous GCN!

Grilled Cheese’s are classic. Everyone loves them. Unless you’re stupid. We devoured them as children. And while we tend to sensibly avoid them in our adulthood, most of us still really dig ’em!

I enjoyed this magical night with “Barnacle and Whale” and “Bonnie and Clyde”, all who should consider themselves lucky they were chosen to attend.

There was a select group of wine’s for $20 a bottle, so we dove right in. Thankfully we did, as the food service was painfully slow. We nibbled on olives and had some La Brea bakery bread (located right next door) while we waited. I’m sure we had terrific conversation, but I have no recollection.

I got up to use the restroom and watched while the scolding hot tap water nearly removed my epidermis.

We each ordered a different GC (what the cool kids are saying). I will display for you now, examples of Campanile’s masterful work. Please notice only one picture turned out decent. Kids, that’s how $20 bottles of wine will effect your photography skills.

Burrata and tomato (meat on the side for Bonnie):

Fig and something and something:

Asparagus, Truffled cheese, Proscuitto & Egg:

I just noticed the egg appears to be emitting a retina-destroying light. Perhaps the opposite of a black hole?

Clyde proceeded to bemuse, I mean amuse our patient waitress during our hour long wait for our food, complaining that the bottle of wine she had recomended was, in essence, gross and not as good as the bottle he chose for us to drink prior.

He also made several 5% tip remarks to her. I’m sure she will laugh and laugh for days, even after his “biting” wit becomes a distant memory.

Barnacle mentioned to our waitress that she looked like Katie Holmes. Mortified, she apprised us that she preferred to be likened to Tina Fey. After all that berating, she continued to maintain a pleasant demeanor. Probably because she knew she would be committing credit card fraud later!

Campanile is a beautiful Los Angeles landmark, serving delicious, consistant food. While, coming on Thursday’s weekly Grilled Cheese Night is highly recomended, their nightly menu appears equally impressive.

Opting out of the $12 deserts, we chose to leave and pig out on Frozen Yogurt. Naturally. We are in LA, after all.

The line at Yogurtland is comical. It’s also, like a gobstobber, never ending. But very worth it. We lined up, cafeteria style, squirting flavor after flavor (hoping to God that they all go together) into our anxious, waiting cups.

Usually, you see a flavor such as Heath Bar Crunch and it tastes like: basic chocolate. You see a flavor called Rasperry Creme Explosion and it tastes like: bland miscellaneous berries. Not here, each flavor is not only very fragrant but tastes quite distinct when shoveled into your gullet.

Note: none of the people featured in the photograph below gave their consent. Ha! Suckers!

624 S. La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 938-1447