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  • June 17, 2009 6:35 am

OK, I’m really excited. This is the future folks. See the picture above? Any guesses what it is?

It’s basically an AUTOMATIC WINE DISPENSER!!!!!

I KNOW!! Very high tech. It’s where Jane Jetson would sneak off to when she had just enough of George Jetson’s shit. When she couldn’t handle anymore of his going on about….um…sprockets or whatever.

This inventive spot is located right across the street from Bar Pintxo, conveniently for us. It’s only been open about 6 weeks. We were more than happy to help break it in!

Here’s how it works. You go up to the dude at the back and give him your credit card. He gives you a card similar to one you’d get in a casino and he initially fills it with an amount that you think you’ll spend drinking. S.S. and I each got a card for $10 bucks.

Then you go to all the different wine stands, stick in your card, put your glass near the wine of your choice and for $1.25 – $7.00, the spicket pours out a lovely 1 ounce sample! (most of them are in the lower price range)

It doesn’t necessarily end up being cheaper this way, but you definitely get to try a bunch of wines that you would never get to normally. It’s the perfect wine bar for the ADD challenged. AKA: me.

Pourtal also features a wine enhancing food menu, which we were too stuffed from tapas to enjoy. And all the bottles are available to buy to drink in the bar, or take home at a much lower retail price.

S.S. and I ended up speaking with Pourtal’s sommelier who gave us a free glass of Prosecco with a few pear jelly beans. Apparently, if you chew a flavored jelly bean that corresponds to a fruit you’re supposed to taste in a certain wine, that jelly bean will bring out the flavor. Fun!

Doing our best to avoid driving home drunk, we left after our $10 bucks ran out.

Seriously folks. Get here. Soon.

FYI, this is the mysterious S.S.


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  • June 17, 2009 6:15 am

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