Our friends Rebecca and Eric Giddens own the KRBC. Which we ate almost every meal at. We LOVE this place.

Their burgers are out of control. I usually order the Kern burger. On this occasion, I devoured my burger entirely, before I realized I needed to take a damn picture! So, I asked my friend E.S. if I could just snap one of her veggie burger. Be warned, it looks underwhelming. But it’s still quite tastalicious. All of their burgers are.

All of their apps are incredible (we usually order the Soft Pretzels with their homemade stout mustard and the Southwest Egg Rolls with the homemade chipotle dipping sauce)

The highlight of this place are the BEERS. They make the most incredible brews. I usually order their beer sampler, as pictured at the top. They have a great stout and I hate dark beers, a terrific blond and a red and an out of this world IPA.

They also have about 4 seasonal beers right now, many of them Belgium, and I think they all are instant classics. I asked them to do a seasonal beer sampler. I usually get what I want.

Now, that we’ve all eaten our weight in food, we decide to discover the town. Kernville is a cute, tiny town. We “discovered” the town in ten minutes, even taking a quick jaunt to the illustrious Kern Museum, where the friendly docents were as old as the stagecoach and the antique mining equipment!

As the woman we first encountered was scolding us for not having ever seen “Stagecoach” with John Wayne, I could only stare deep into her wrinkled, shaking jowls.

We went on a great hike which included a lot of rock scrambling, mini waterfalls and avoiding the weed-like Poison Oak. It came to a point, where we just avoided touching anything alive. For no reason, I began scratching at my skin furiously, as the devil’s bush had screwed with my mind.

M.S. recounted a horrible story of someone wiping Poison Oak all over their face, assuming they were immune to it’s insidious charm. They were not.

Here are some pics of the river and from our hike.

Each night, we enjoyed Kernville’s nightlife. After depleting the KRBC’s supply of beer, we would visit The Hut and the Sportsman’s Inn. I will not be including pictures, to protect the innocent.

The main memories of the nights (with the exception of the dancing, singing, M.C.’s infamous blackmail-worthy stage dance and playing Quarters with $7 pitchers of beer) are me walking in and surprising an older lady in the men’s room, the most precious look of shock on her face. “Oh, am I in the wrong place?”

Oh, and of our late night food frenzy consisting of 17 bags of chips we were able to purchase from the last bar. Well, the bartender was a bit busy (aka: rude) so a fellow customer grabbed them from the bar for us.

The whitewater rafting was a lot of fun and the views were so incredible! Prior to going, I was quite freaked that I would fall out and smash my dental venners on a rock (who cares about my skull or limbs! I paid good money for these obnoxious things!). I found the actual experience quite calm and enjoyable, I only checked to see if I still had my teeth twice.

13415 Sierra Highway
Kernville, CA, 93238