My friend took me here last night for either my birthday or for watching her bull terrier. Perhaps a little of both. Either way, it was much appreciated.

I love this place, this is the third time I’ve been here. Great food, has a great neighborhood vibe to it. The decor is swanky, simple and slick. There is an enormous vase filled with lily’s in the center of the small restaurant.

We ordered the 5 spice seared ahi tuna (pictured above – after my taking a big ass bite out of it first)

We also ordered the chicken satay which I absolutely doused in the very oily peanut sauce.

Then, we ordered the Panang curry (seriously, the best FRIGGIN red curry in LA), and finally, the Pad Thai (absolutely nasty – I think someone accidentally dumped a box of brown sugar in it. Pukety!)

Now, don’t be put off by this. I’ve loved everything I’ve ever ordered in the past. The drunken noodles are out of this world as are each and every appetizer. My friend always orders the enormous fried shrimp which are perfectly breaded and fried, not greasy. Each dish comes out as a literal work of culinary art, on designer white plates.

Just don’t order the pad thai or I’ll be really pissed at you.

7669 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036