Welcome to another “Review Spurt!”

I went to Food for lunch today with the same gal I went to The Vegan Joint with. Yes, the place really is called Food. Slightly pretentious? Check!

Whilst waiting at a table, I amused myself by watching my friend who I was meeting across the street irritably pacing and visibly cursing the crosswalk light, as it was clearly not giving her the green go signal on purpose!

I ordered the Thai Steak Salad, which had a crap load of steak plopped on the lightly dressed greens and veggies. It was very nice. This place is a slightly upscale yet casual deli with some terrific looking sammies (damn you Rachael Ray) and drool-worthy deserts.

But my friends dish was the star of the show: The best darn grilled cheese sandwich I’ve had to date!!

As you might be able to see, it also had tomatoes and bacon in it.

I took great delight in watching my former vegetarian friend chow down on chunks of pig. “Oh well” she said, when I informed her of the surprise pork intruder. “I guess I can eat meat once in a while!”

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