This was probably the best birthday I’ve ever had.

Last Saturday night, my friends picked me up in a streamer and balloon decorated SUV and we headed to downtown LA for a birthday pub crawl. As where we were going was a surprise, I had originally guessed they were taking me to the movie playing at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, which I had just received an email about, saying it was cancelled due to bad weather.

In LA, bad weather is when you can actually tell the difference between the smog and the clouds.

So, we arrived at the Hotel Figueroa, an amazing Morrocon palace themed place where we enjoyed Mojito’s by the pool. After a few mojito’s and copious pictures taken, we were on our way again. We had an impromptu stop at an Irish bar where we bought about 10 Irish Car Bombs, including one for the drunk guy at the end of the bar who seemed completely baffled at how to drink the thing.

After that, we…um..ok…I don’t exactly remember which order everything occured. We went to Point Moorea, a tiki lounge at the Wilshire Grand Hotel and had some tropical drinks and then headed to the restaurant, Engine Co #28. Or did we go to the restaurant first?….

I’ve been wanting to go to Engine Co #28 since I moved here 9 years ago. It’s upscale American

Sorry, my friend just called saying her car broke down, where was I?

Oh, it’s upscale American comfort food in a gorgeously restored 80+ year old firehouse. We sat at the largest table in the vacant restaurant and ordered the AMAZING mac and cheese and quesadillas as an appetizer. After Asian cuisine, comfort food is my next favorite. I love mac and cheese more than certain family members.

So, I ordered the meatloaf, which is pictured above. It was great, but I.H.’s fried chicken was the meal of the evening. In my opinion. Which, as it was my birthday, was the only one that mattered.

We left the restaurant, our friend P.W. had brought his leftover cocktail with him. I believe he tossed the glass in the air when it was finished and was sorely disappointed when it did not break on the sidewalk behind him. (I’m not entirely sure when in the evening this occured)

We headed to Seven Grand, an upscale whisky bar, where the bartenders were dressed in plaid Scottish garb. Please don’t ask me to describe scottish garb, I won’t be able to.

Several in our group ordered Mint Julep’s. They looked great, but were a bit tough going down, I was told. You either love mint julep’s or want to vomit after one sip.

We ended the night at the Golden Gopher, my favorite bar downtown. It’s this lush victorian joint on a shady street and I always have the best time there. That night was no exception.

All in all, it was an amazing night, orchestrated by an amazing group of friends. I’m the luckiest guy.

644 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(213) 624-6996