I, in my day after birthday haze, forgot my camera. Luckily, my friend had her camera phone.

So, “Thelma and Louise” took me to brunch at the trendy Cliff’s Edge in Silverlake for my birthday. This place is incredible. We sat outside under the shade of an enormous tree which was exploding out of the floor of that portion of the restaurant. I felt like I was eating at a resort in Hawaii. It’s a pretty damn cool spot.

I had the eggs Benedict with rosemary potato wedges. I could have used a little more sauce, but overall a great item to order. The potatoes were perfection. Very cripsy. Louise’s mushroom surprise omelette was devoured in it’s entirety, so I can only assume it was something worth ordering.

I kept my sunglasses on the entire time like a typical LA asshole, but this was necessary. The sun was not my friend that morning. And by morning, I mean afternoon. The gals ordered mimosas. I noticed the place offered blood orange mimosas, they looked terrific. I stuck with plain old O.J.

We noticed two guys behind us constantly texting on their phones during their entire meal. Thelma made the joke that they were actually texting each other.

After the meal, I was dragged kicking taken to the Grove to watch Thelma shop for job promotion wardrobe and new sandals. If Thelma were a man, this would be a simple, painless procedure. This was definitely more like major surgery.

But I still had fun, partially passed out in a chair, watching the world go by. Watching the poor harried shoe salesman bring out shoe after shoe after g-damned shoe for Thelma’s bunion encrusted foot.


UPDATE: I know the picture is enormous. I’m far too lazy right now to change it. Deal with it.