I know the burger got cut off, but at least it's not a stolen pic like last time!

I know the burger got cut off, but at least it's not a stolen pic like last time!

Ok, I know I already went here and blogged about it. And what’s worse, I didn’t even eat the burger above. I had the tuna sandwich. I just scarfed most of it down before I realized that I needed to take a picture. So, I’ll make this what I call a “review spurt.”

I went to dinner with a couple that were most likely drunk. Thankfully they were also the ones driving. We’ll call them “Sid and Nancy”. We wanted to grab a bite before we all were to go to the Grove to see the flick “Drag me to Hell.”

Both Sid and Nancy seemed out of their mind during the meal. Sid ordered the burger but did not touch it. I guess heroin does sap ones appetite. Just kidding Sid. I had about half the burger and it was SOOO good. You may recognize Sid as “S” from the Atch Kotch post with the candy craving.

Sid kept muttering obscenities at the table at audible levels and singing songs about genetalia. Nancy kept begging him to eat something as if he was an insolent child. I was quite embarrased. My only retaliation was, when Nancy asked for the ketchup, to hand her the Golden State’s famous Curry Ketchup, when I clearly know Nancy equates curry to battery acid. Hee hee.

I ended up straining my ankle during the watching of the movie! Will someone please tell me how that happens?? Perfect ending to the perfect evening, I suppose.

However, the movie ended up being very entertaining. A bit over the top. Lots of gore and eyeballs popping out. Oh, and that was just the trailer for the new Sandra Bullock comedy.