That "bread" is really a pancake!

I have issues. I have no qualms about dropping $100 on a meal but damned if I will buy any other toilet paper than what my roommate describes as “prison issue”. I have no clue why. I guess everyone has their vice. I travel and I go out to eat. But to spend more than $20 on an article of clothing makes me cry a little.

Anyways, I was not feeling 100% when I had breakfast at The Hollywood Corner with my friends G.P. and A.E. on Sunday.

We had originally tried to go to a Transylvania BBQ but it was eerily gated up, somehow fitting.

I ordered something called a Pressed Jack. It was essentially a breakfast sandwich made with a pancake instead of bread and then pressed like a panini. So good! My potatoes were undercooked, however, so I spat heartily in the waitress’ face.

E.A. ordered egg whites and dry toast and blah blah blah…basically something so healthy it almost floated away on its own. I tried not to look at it for too long. Not with my stomach feeling so queezy.

G.P. ordered the Rocky Mountain omelette, which he said was the best omelette he’s ever had. Fortunately, it did NOT contain Rocky Mountain oysters.

This is a solid joint with a very creative menu, I would definitely come back here again. Now, back to the toilet paper issue…

Hollywood, CA 90038