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  • June 30, 2009 2:42 pm

OK, I admit it. I kind of went overboard on restaurants since I started this back in May.

So, in honor of that and my diminishing bank balance, I’ve decided I will only eat meals that cost a total of $10 bucks or less until my next payday.

That includes taco stands, little ethnic food joints, non-jewish deli’s (come on, Jerry’s is pretty expensive!)

See you in line at the soup kitchen!


  • June 30, 2009 12:47 pm

Another sunday, another session with my writing partner, another meal in Larchmont with Bonnie and Clyde.

This place reminds me of a Baja Fresh. Except, the menu is quite more substantial. The place has zero ambiance, however. So, it’s good for a quick healthy bite, then get the hell outta there.

We ordered the Chicken Avocado wrap. Very good. Expert opinion just given, folks. Show some respect.

After lunch (Clyde and I shared a wrap – trying to be healthy), we all walked over to Crumbs, the upscale bakery, who’s cupcakes rival those of Sprinkles.

Seriously, why is there always an enormous line in front of Sprinkles?? It’s the Pink’s of Beverly Hills! Is a freshly packed joint nestled inside each one? Or perhaps, like that woman that was recently busted at the airport who’s suitcases were actually made from cocaine, they’re also made from 100% Peruvian flake??

That being said, we resisted buying anything, as both Bonnie and Clyde had a workout at Barry’s Bootcamp scheduled the following morning (Is 4:15 considered morning? or perhaps late at night still??)

B & C had just purchased a toy Maltese little doggy dog, so I drove them around to various petstores looking for food dishes the size of a silver dollar and other miscellaneous shit. As I do not own a dog, this was very entertaining for me.

They should consider themselves lucky to be driving in a luxury vehicle such as mine. I mean, they sit in complete comfort as the steering wheel shakes like someone having a seizure out of the blue, the driver’s side door handle is missing and we all have to pile in on the passenger side, the brakes are basically non-existent, and there is a nice piece of pretty pink gum stuck to one of the seats.

Bonnie, I feel you put the gum there in the first place, so it’s only fitting you end up sitting in it every time.

217 N Larchmont Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90004
(323) 962-3880


  • June 29, 2009 1:58 pm

The view would look much nicer with a glass of wine in the shot.

But at that point, the $18 glasses of Brunello di Montalcino were either in my belly or spilled on my shirt.

I went to this Sherman Oaks resaurant of Chef Giacomino Drago’s with a “Coven of Witches.”

I can’t disclose who they are, I won’t even give them aliases. They are a high profile group of women who have ties to the CIA and at least one powerful Columbian drug cartel. I don’t want to put my life in jeopardy.

While much of the above is not true, I do remember the time I was having dinner at Mirabelle’s with the lovely benefactor of these dinners. She received a phone call from Beyonce and IGNORED it. How awesome is that??

As the restaurant was quite sparsely populated, we were about to apologize for our future noise level, when the waiter basically said in his Italian accent “Please. Go right ahead. It’s very slow tonight”

I ordered the Burrata and Caprese salad to start. Burrata is all the rage right now. It’s like a whipped mozarella. Very tasty, although the texture kind of creeps me out. Like eating 2 year old tapioca pudding.

While several of the witches ordered the Ossobucco (veal shank) I chose the Lamb chops with a balsamic mint sauce. Very good choice, if I do say so myself. Although, I tried the Ossobucco and it was fantastic as well.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to the leaders of this coven for paying for the entire dinner, especially after I had embibed about $80 in wine myself. Mom, cover your ears. It was, of course, non-alcoholic. 😉

And finally desert and limoncello (not pictured). One of our coven was obsessed with her 12 foot long blue pearl necklace (probably a cursed amulet from the middle ages) and insisted it make a cameo in at least one of my shots.

After dinner, everyone picked up their brooms from the Valet and flew off into the night sky for further Friday night adventures.

14928 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
(818) 784-4400


  • June 27, 2009 4:16 pm

I’m a pig. A big, fat pig.

I am also quite full.

Had dinner tonight (Wednesday) with friend M.D. (Mister MD)

We had previously enjoyed a quite pricey meal at Street and wanted a less expensive affair. We managed to decrease the bill by $10 bucks each. It’s a start!

Lucky Devil’s is another in the line of upscale burger joints. And I feel the need to try each and every one of them. It’s my patriotic duty, for Pete’s sake!

The crowd here is 75% hungry male, 20% dorky tourist (it’s located blocks from Mann’s Chinese Theater) and 5% Miscellaneous (us).

Discovering there was a variety of things on the menu besides burgers, we finally were able to narrow it down to the following:

1. Kobe Bacon Blue Burger with Fire Slaw
2. Sweet Potato Fries
3. Sopressata Flatbread Pizza
4. 2 imported beers

I, personally, feel we devoured the best of this place. Here’s a brief synopsis:

1. Burger patty was very thick, expertly cooked. Not as soggy as Kobe beef can be. The brioche bun did NOT fall apart. Success! Cole slaw was heavy on carrots (a good thing), spicy. I liked it.

2. A shitload of fries, many of them thin, short and crispy. We didn’t finish them. I couldn’t help but think of the poverty striken children of the world that don’t even get half the portion of sweet potato fries that we did.

3. I’m a lover of flatbread pizza. This was a good one, very crispy. The ends were burnt. I like it that way, my friend did not. I continued to consume it, even as my belly began to distend.

4. Beers were good. Mmm. Beer.

6613 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028


  • June 26, 2009 12:47 am

Avert your eyes!! Don’t be frightened by my moldy slug and breaded human finger nachos!


So. I pride myself on being able to out run the cops after I’m caught speeding. Is it a trait I’m proud of? Yes. Will it be my downfall one day? “It is certain”, an 8 ball would say.

Having just left Fred 62, my favorite breakfast spot in Los Feliz, I whizzed past a cop, anxiously looking at my rear view mirror to watch it turn on it’s cherries and attempt a u-turn to bust me.

I sped up (naturally) and cut off a big bus and screached up La Brea, pulled into a vacant Rite Aid parking lot and waited a few beats next to a smelly dumpster.

Then hauled ass back up La Brea and made the first right down an abandoned street. Phew! Arrest avoided!

Anyways, I’ve been to Fred 62 about 62 times, it’s just pretty damn good is all. Don’t argue with me. You’ll lose. I just out ran the law, after all!

Their breakfasts’ are incredible, they make a french toast dipped in corn flakes (Bearded Mr. Frenchy) and the inimitable Santa Fe Fritata. So, I was curious to see what their dinner’s entailed.

After work, I headed on over to “Thelma and Louise’s” house where their friend A.R. would be picking us up to go on our Sierra Club Nerd Hike in Griffith Park. Yes, strangers actually meet to go hiking. I had NO idea.

When we arrived at the park, I immediately judged the crowd, as usual. I was disappointed, however, that the only narrow minded conclusion I could draw was that; here were a bunch of normal, every day people.

In fact, if this was a casting call, requesting slightly outdoorsy average joes, everyone here would have been employed.

It turned out to be an intense, mainly uphill, rock scrambling workout! Who knew? The leader of the pack was this older hobbit character with a walking stick, speeding up the rocks at the speed of a much younger hobbit.

Anyways, we were famished after the excursion and decided on Fred 62 for din din where I ordered something called the SWS. Like a southwest chicken salad, except the fingers, sorry I mean chicken was fried. Good stuff. I did pour mounds of Sriracha hot sauce all over it, as I tend to do. Please don’t ask what that white sauce all over it is.

Fred 62 is a hip place where the hip hipsters dine. Your lack of hipness might stand out a bit if you don’t meet the hip quota. However, the food is definitely worth the stares of the retro-fitted, tattooed dames with their 50’s horned-rimmed glasses lying under their Bettie Page bangs.

1850 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027-4215
(323) 667-0062


  • June 25, 2009 1:12 am

Hmm, it apparently looks like I’ve spilled a gram of fresh cocaine on top of my entree!

I came to this restaurant in trendy Larchmont Village with “Bonnie and Clyde” after Clyde’s and I’s writing session Sunday morning. I’m sure that is utterly grammatically incorrect. Amy?

Clyde and I strolled around the farmer’s market beforehand, bumping into “Monk” TV star Tony Shalboub, and came across an olive oil and vinegar stand. I told Tony I’d simply have to talk to him another time. 😉

The enthusiastic, ghostly white woman did her schpeel about almost each product, giving us a small chunk of bread dipped in each one. To thank her, after her 15 minute presentation, we left having bought nothing.

When Bonnie arrived, we roamed around looking for somewhere to eat. I wanted to go to Village Pizzeria but we all decided (AKA: Bonnie decided. Happy wife, happy life) on Greek, walking by a cage full of kitties in the process. Perhaps, mysterious Gyro meat contains kitties?

I never crave Greek food, but I do like it. However, I never eat it and then moan and groan and make sex noises.

But I still enjoy giving it a whirl every once in a while. I did eat the Pastitsio (greek lasagne) at the LA Greek Festival last year and found it incredible. Or perhaps the acidic greek wine in me needing some soaking up?

I figured I would order that again here. It was ok. It’s basically hamburger helper with a custardy sauce on top (and obviously a little yayo to kick start the day). The lemon potatoes were the best part and the hummus and warm pita to start was nice. The baba ghanoush was very odd looking. It looked like pale, pathetic sauerkraut.

Clyde, the “comedian” from the Campanile dinner, said I should mention that he took a pee in the toilet and it made the ice chunk in the urinal begin to steam. Gross. I told him I refuse!

127 N Larchmont Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90004


  • June 24, 2009 5:44 am

We celebrated my good friend Nancy’s birthday in grand style on Saturday night at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery’s screening of “The Graduate.” Yes, this is Nancy of Sid and Nancy.

For those of you who’ve never been to a screening (judging by the 1.2 million folks that show up to these, I’m guessing most of you have) it’s basically become an LA tourist attraction.

You show up, you pay your ten bucks, you have your wine, weed, food, blankets and chairs and while you wait for night to fall, everyone eats, visits, and listens to the DJ spinning retro tunes.

Then, some 40’s western or 60’s psychadelic flick begins to illuminate the large white wall of a mausoleum while a good 50% of the population passes out.

It’s always a great time. Unless you have some bad potato salad. But then again, the porta potties always seem clean.

Our group (about 20 peeps) brough an eclectic array of foodstuffs to enjoy this evening. Truffled cheese pizzas, assorted hummus, potato salad (uh oh), fried chicken, everything and anything from Trader Joe’s, and most importantly: A.V.’s amazing mac and cheese!

You may recognize A.V. from our meals at The Vegan Joint and Food, when she was swearing at inatimate objects. Good gal. Made a damn good batch of deliciousness!

We did not have utencils, so we proceeded to dispatch the container of cheesy goodness with our eager fingers. It was incredible. Bits of cheesy baked bread mixed in for good measure. A.V., ya done good!

I had not seen The Graduate before, I thoroughly enjoyed it and did not pass out. Yay for me! Simon and Garfunkle continues to swirl around in my head.

There was a point where this small black creature came crawling towards us. It was a feral cat, it’s matted fur only magnifying it’s affectionate nature. We petted it whilst avoiding a flea infestation, other groups around us feeling intense jealousy, as it would not answer their desperate cries for it to come to them.

Our cemetery cat recognized a kindred spirit in us. Cat, I hope you found a home with someone or at least got to snack on all the spilled food, which would include the red velvet cupcakes I bought our birthday girl that I kept dropping on the grass and putting back on the tray unobtrusively.


  • June 23, 2009 12:48 am

There ain’t nothing like a good sandwich. Is this a good sandwich? Yes. Is it shit your pants, slap your mama good? No. I’ll leave that to the holy grail of sandwich shops, Bay Cities Deli.

At Potato Chips (the name comes from a really cool sign the owner liked, I believe), the bread is a light french roll but befitting a sandwich who’s contents are the star of the show. Bay Cities’ bread is the star of that show. And it’s a show I could watch every day.

I ordered the Italian, a good choice I would say, and large in size. I realize the pic above portrays the sandwich as low on meat and a bit dull looking. Actually, it looks down right sad.

However, Deb, in this case, looks are deceiving. You don’t need more meat than what they give you. So get over it.

They only have about 6 sandwiches on their menu and they range from 8 – 11 bucks. A meatball, tuna, turkey, prosciutto and a BLT in addition to the one I got. The interior is clean, smart and super casual, but I got mine to go.

Is it wrong that I did not get any potato chips at Potato Chips? Sure.

Is it even more wrong that when I went to the corner store afterwards to buy some other snacks that I still forgot to get chips? And instead purchased a twinky? Should i continue to ask myself annoying questions? Of course!

I noticed the expiration date on the twinky said “July 13” but did not specify a year. Insert “twinky’s and Cher will still be around after a nuclear holocaust” joke here.

7613 Beverly BLVD
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 931-0911


  • June 20, 2009 5:32 pm

The Bazaar is a very hip, confusingly decorated restaurant in the new SLS Hotel. I dined here with friends “Siegfried and Roy” and I.H. at the only reservation we could get, 10 O’Clock!

I amused myself by picturing my parents entering the obscenely trendy lobby of this obscenely trendy hotel with their mismatching suitcases and their neon fannypacks. Oh boy. It was almost as funny as imagining my supremely impatient and claustrophobic father at Disneyland. Or in a line of more than two cars at a stop light, for that matter! “Damn gridlock!”

Anyways, we decided to arrive at 9 to grab a drink in the bar, Bar Centro, prior to our late dinner. I ordered something called the Jale Berry. It was a blackberry jalapeno gin drink and it was fantastic, right up my alley. Each sip had a surprising bite. I even coughed repeatedly after the first sip, like an idiot.

We were finally seated by our very gracious hostess. And our waitress was incredibly helpful and pleasant. Unlike what I’ve read online. In fact, I was a bit nervous as there are some not so nice reviews of this place. I had images of a bunch ‘o bitches either laughing at or completely ignoring us!

Thank god we brought a few bottles of wine, cuz this place ain’t cheap. Groceries and gas next week? Um..not anymore! I have priorities.

We then proceeded to order about 15 items on the menu to share. Since this place served tapas, we basically were able to enjoy only a bite of each item. Although, the decor was certainly not anything like my much more authentic Spanish experience on Tuesday. It was like some odd upscale antique store, people were actually browsing the random items in the glass cases.

Get ready, folks! Here is a rundown of everything we ate:

Pa’amb tomaquet Catalan Style toasted bread, Manchego, tomato * I.H. didn’t really care for this, but I thought it was a nice start.

Not your everyday Caprese Cherry tomatoes, liquid mozzarella *Wow! Those aren’t mozzarella balls by the way, but liquid mozzarella that explodes in your mouth. Or in your hand if you touch it. But you shouldn’t be touching your salad, silly.

Buñuelos codfish fritters, honey alioli *Traditional, good.

Japanese taco Grilled eel, shiso, cucumber, wasabi, chicharrón *Great idea, I didn’t realize I was eating eel and freaked out a bit, but it was delicious.

Crab meat steamed buns Pickled Japanese cucumbers *I didn’t eat one, but on a side note, these little suckers were $18 bucks!

Tuna ceviche and avocado roll *The most bland thing ordered.

Norwegian lobster seaweed salad, lobster essence *A freebie! We got $50 bucks worth of lobster compliments of one of the chefs, who was a contestant on Top Chef, Chicago! I don’t eat shellfish, but decided to have one bite. I struggled through it, probably making an ass of myself with my contorted facial expressions. Yes, it was tasty. But, that’s not the point!

Ottoman carrot fritters, Pistachio sauce *One of my favorites! Very dilly. I.H. and Siegfried did not like them. “I don’t like dill”, the jerk commented. Guess who got one crammed down her throat??

Croquetas de pollo chicken and béchamel fritters *The best thing on the menu in my opinion. Can’t go wrong with fried meat and cheese. I’ll say it over and over. And you’d better listen.

“Philly cheesesteak” Air bread, cheddar, Wagyu beef *It looks weird, and this two bite sensation costs $8 bucks, but it really tasted like a Philly Cheesteak! The meat was cooked to perfection.

American caviar cone *Siegfried ordered this, I don’t think I eat caviar. Should I?

And finally, our laughable but tasty desert. Each miniscule piece was $3 bucks!

All and all, we had a very fun, adventurous and scrumptious night!

Oh! I forgot to mention that the picture at the top is Roy eating a stick of foie gras wrapped in cotton candy! Foie gras is either duck or goose liver. I opted out of eating this strange object. I don’t think it got rave reviews.

The waitress even brough I.H. a to-go coffee cup jam-packed with extra cotton candy! Sugar high!

465 S. La Cienega BLVD
Los Angeles, CA 90068
(310) 247-0400


  • June 19, 2009 1:40 pm

Grilled Cheese Night!

Today was dragging along at a snail’s pace, holding great anticipation for me. This week is Campanile’s 20th anniversary of it’s opening and of it’s infamous GCN!

Grilled Cheese’s are classic. Everyone loves them. Unless you’re stupid. We devoured them as children. And while we tend to sensibly avoid them in our adulthood, most of us still really dig ’em!

I enjoyed this magical night with “Barnacle and Whale” and “Bonnie and Clyde”, all who should consider themselves lucky they were chosen to attend.

There was a select group of wine’s for $20 a bottle, so we dove right in. Thankfully we did, as the food service was painfully slow. We nibbled on olives and had some La Brea bakery bread (located right next door) while we waited. I’m sure we had terrific conversation, but I have no recollection.

I got up to use the restroom and watched while the scolding hot tap water nearly removed my epidermis.

We each ordered a different GC (what the cool kids are saying). I will display for you now, examples of Campanile’s masterful work. Please notice only one picture turned out decent. Kids, that’s how $20 bottles of wine will effect your photography skills.

Burrata and tomato (meat on the side for Bonnie):

Fig and something and something:

Asparagus, Truffled cheese, Proscuitto & Egg:

I just noticed the egg appears to be emitting a retina-destroying light. Perhaps the opposite of a black hole?

Clyde proceeded to bemuse, I mean amuse our patient waitress during our hour long wait for our food, complaining that the bottle of wine she had recomended was, in essence, gross and not as good as the bottle he chose for us to drink prior.

He also made several 5% tip remarks to her. I’m sure she will laugh and laugh for days, even after his “biting” wit becomes a distant memory.

Barnacle mentioned to our waitress that she looked like Katie Holmes. Mortified, she apprised us that she preferred to be likened to Tina Fey. After all that berating, she continued to maintain a pleasant demeanor. Probably because she knew she would be committing credit card fraud later!

Campanile is a beautiful Los Angeles landmark, serving delicious, consistant food. While, coming on Thursday’s weekly Grilled Cheese Night is highly recomended, their nightly menu appears equally impressive.

Opting out of the $12 deserts, we chose to leave and pig out on Frozen Yogurt. Naturally. We are in LA, after all.

The line at Yogurtland is comical. It’s also, like a gobstobber, never ending. But very worth it. We lined up, cafeteria style, squirting flavor after flavor (hoping to God that they all go together) into our anxious, waiting cups.

Usually, you see a flavor such as Heath Bar Crunch and it tastes like: basic chocolate. You see a flavor called Rasperry Creme Explosion and it tastes like: bland miscellaneous berries. Not here, each flavor is not only very fragrant but tastes quite distinct when shoveled into your gullet.

Note: none of the people featured in the photograph below gave their consent. Ha! Suckers!

624 S. La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 938-1447