Here we go. This is the stuff. This is the joint.

This is my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles.

I’ve been here at least 75 times over the past few years. I used to go at least once a week, I was almost in need of a Vietnamese intervention.

Now, I could live solely on Asian cuisine. Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese. In that order. Write that down. You’ll be tested.

I’ve only been to four Vietnamese restaurants in LA. I’ve not branched out, I admit. I just hate being disappointed. There is no Pho broth like Le Saigon’s.

You don’t want to be around me when I eat Pho. It’s a bit stomach turning. Let’s just say, I perspire. A lot. The table will soon be covered in damp napkins, like snow on a field. I get hot at the drop of a hat, as it is. I keep a fan blowing on my face all day at work. I sleep with a fan on me. Pho would not be my ideal meal to eat on a date.

What I ate yesterday was the make your own spring roll platter, if you will. You get all the meat, veggies, lettuce and herbs and the moistened rice paper and you roll your own. Nice. It always is enough for two meals.

However, usually I alternate between the Pho and the noodle dishes (Bun) when I go. The fresh herbs and julienne vegetables are flavorful and usually pristine.

I did see a microscopic wriggling worm on my mint leaf today. That did not stop me from continuing to consume at a rapid pace. I just discarded the leaf without a second thought.

Is that a deal breaker for you guys? Come on! It was so tiny. If we only knew all the woodland creatures that were hanging out in our salads!

11611 Santa Monica BLVD
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 312-2929