Let’s be honest. For those of you who know where and what The Cellar is, you know it’s kind of a dump.

But if you work in Century City, as I do, it’s close. It’s in the basement of my building. And that’s exactly what it looks like. A basement. Your grandfathers basement. Not your current grandfather. But whichever grandfather you had 20 years ago. No windows, mismatched grandfather type chairs, random paintings. I’m not sure if it’s wood panelling, but it’s definitely very…brown. If only this place realized the existing kitch factor.

I ordered the special. The chicken salad sandwich and the tortilla soup. Let me break it down for you.

The chicken salad was 75% mayo. This may be the kiss of death to some. I happen to love it. The soup was tasty although, I would have liked less grease. I don’t prefer to feel the need to scrape grease off the top of my soups as I would the leaves off the top of a swimming pool.

Only the corporate denizens of Century City would eat here. Or would even have reason to come to Century City, for that matter.

Wow, this review sounds really bitter. I really don’t hate this place. I’ve been many, many times. Even to Karaoke night. Oh boy, just picture that wild and raucous night! Ties accidentally dipped in martinis. Blouses beneath power suits unbuttoned brazenly. Hump day and TGIF jokes being thrown around ad nauseam. On second thought, you may want to avoid this night all together. If only for your own personal safety.

UPDATE: There is INDEED wood panneling! AND faux brick walls, to boot!